February 2016


Centre for Orangutan Protection is an Indonesian original organization which focuses on rescue, preservation and protection of orangutan in its habitat, as well as outside the habitat. Founded in 2007, COP works to counter any crimes against orangutan and their natural habitats. COP investigates, documents, exposes, and if necessary, readily confronts any persons or groups who threaten to disrupt the life of orangutan or local communities living nearby. COP conducts several rapid-response teams to rehabilitate orangutan in Labanan, East Borneo.

In the forefront stands Orangufriends, the supporter group of COP which is always ready to exhaust all means to assist COP. They always have thousands idea to help orangutan. They visit schools to raise students’ awareness, they do campaigns to raise public support, they organize charity events to raise fund and many more. Everything they do, they do it because and for orangutan.

Sound for Orangutan is one of the fund raising event organized by Orangufriends. All of the funds collected in SFO went to COP’s Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Labanan, East Borneo. SFO was first organized in 2012 and has been held 3 times in Jakarta, once in Yogyakarta, and once in Melbourne. The next will be held in Jakarta in May 2016 with a shoot-out “Menolak Punah”.

Literally, menolak punah means ‘to refuse to extinct’ or ‘to survive’. Seeing their miserable condition in Borneo, this is what the orangutans probably want to say if only they could speak. Both sumatran and bornean Orangutans are listed on Appendix 1 of CITES, which means that they are extremely endangered species. The population keeps decreasing every year. COP takes a great effort to prevent the extinction and this charity event Sound for Orangutan is one of what Orangufriends do to assist the effort.

For you who have a concern about Orangutan, please feel free to join the event. Visit our website www.sound4orangutan.com and our Facebook Page Centre for Orangutan Protection for more information. See you in SFO Jakarta 2016 “Menolak Punah”!


Yet another success resulting from the hard work and patience of law enforcement teams. On the 25th of Februari 2016, Centre for Orangutan Protection along with colleagues and the Special Crime Investigation unit of the South Sumatran Police reported the sale of body parts belonging to protected wild animals, specifically whole tiger pelts 130cm in length, as well as the tiger’s bones, still in embalming fluid. The female tiger was estimated to be of juvenile age. Three holes were found in the skin which were suspected to be gunshot wounds made by the hunter.

In this first COP operation in Sumatra for the 2016 year, the suspect, 44 years old, has been found to be a large-scale collector of tiger body parts. “The wildlife trade is evolving. Online Media plays a huge role in its development. The demand for wild animals as well as the increasingly sparse habitat is diminishing the existence of these wild animals. The sentencing for offenders of wildlife crime must be harsh, so that the criminals are wary and afraid to commit these crimes.” Said Daniek Hendarto, Anti-Wildlife Crime Manager for Centre for Orangutan Protection.

Based on Paragraph 21, Clause 2 of Regulation 5, 1990: All persons are prohibited from (b) storing, possessing, transporting or trading dead protected animal species and (d) trading, storing or possessing skins, carcasses, or other body parts of protected animal species, or items made from or containing parts of such animals, or exporting these items from anywhere in Indonesia to another location within or outside of Indonesia. Sentence of imprisonment maximum 5 (five) years and a maximum fine of 100,000,000.00 Rupiah (One hundred million rupiah).

Satu lagi keberhasilan atas kerja keras dan kesabaran tim untuk penegakkan hukum. Centre for Orangutan Protection bersama rekan lainnya dan Reskimsus Polda Sumatera Selatan, 25 Februari 2016, mengungkap kasus penjualan bagian satwa liar yang dilindungi yaitu kulit harimau utuh sepanjang 130 cm, lengkap dengan tulangnya yang masih dalam cairan pengawet. Harimau betina ini diperkirakan berumur remaja. Terdapat tiga lubang di tubuhnya yang diperkirakan bekas luka tembakan si pemburu.

Dalam operasi bersama untuk pertama kalinya COP di Sumatera tahun 2016 ini, Tersangka Shn (44 tahun) merupakan pengepul bagian tubuh satwa liar Harimau yang cukup besar. “Perdagangan satwa liar menjamur. Media online sangat berperan besar dalam perkembangannya. Permintaan dan semakin sempitnya habitat menyudutkan keberadaan satwa liar ini. Hukuman pelaku kejahatan terhadap satwa liar harus berat, agar takut dan jera untuk melakukan kejahatan itu.”, ujar Daniek Hendarto, Manajer Anti Wildlife Crime Centre for Orangutan Protection.

Berdasarkan Pasal 21 ayat (2) Undang-Undang Nomor 5 tahun 1990 Setiap orang dilarang untuk (b) menyimpan, memiliki, memelihara, mengangkut dan memperniagakan satwa yang dilindungi dalam keadaan mati dan (d) memperniagakan, menyimpan atau memiliki kulit, tubuh atau bagian-bagian lain satwa yang dilindungi atau barang-barang yang dibuat dari bagian-bagian satwa tersebut atau mengeluarkannya dari suatu tempat di Indonesia ke tempat lain di dalam atau di luar Indonesia. Saksi pidana penjara paling lama 5 (lima) tahun dan denda paling banyak Rp 100.000.000,00 (seratus juta rupiah).

“Jatuhkan vonis yang seberat-beratnya! Penegakan hukum harus jadi prioritas.”, tambah Daniek Hendarto. (YUN)


It’s been four months since the arrest of a wildlife trafficker in Pasar, Petunjungan village, Paiton, Probolinggo, East Java on the 21st of October 2015, by Probolinggo police and the East Java Conservation and Natural Resources Agency, alongside the Centre for Orangutan Protection. The team secured 5 Javan Langurs at the house of the culprit, which was being used as a warehouse for housing wildlife. The Kraksaan District Court decided that the defendant, Muhamad Fatah Yasin, would receive 8 months imprisonment as well as a fine of 50 million rupiah ($3700 USD), with a 2 month subsidiary jail sentence.

“The verdict, read on the 4th of February 2016, has sharpened the blades in the war against wildlife trafficking.” States Daniek Hendarto, Manager of the Centre for Orangutan Protection Anti-Wildlife Crime Unit.

Throughout 2015, COP carried out several operations in the capture of wildlife traffickers. Within these 5 operations, 57 wild animals were successfully secured by the associated groups and government departments. Four of the criminals involved in these 5 cases have already, or are currently, carrying out their punishments. The Garut operation managed to secure a Sumatran Orangutan, with the culprit Dicky Rusvinda receiving a prison sentence of 1 year and 6 months. In the Surabaya operation 13 eagles were retrieved, and the culprit Paska Aditya was sentenced with 7 months imprisonment and a fine of 2.5 million rupiah ($186 USD). Meanwhile the harshest sentence received was the decision made by the Langsa District Court in which Ramadhani, an accused trafficker of 3 baby Sumatran orangutans, received 2 years imprisonment and a fine of 50 million rupiah ($3700 USD), with subsidiary jail time of 3 months. (YUN)


Empat bulan setelah kasus penangkapan pedagang satwa di dusun Pasar, desa Petunjungan, Kecamatan Paiton, kabupaten Probolinggo, Jawa Timur pada 21 Oktober 2015 oleh Polres Probolinggo dan BBKSDA Jawa Timur bersama Centre for Orangutan Protection. Pada saat itu tim mengamankan 5 (lima) ekor Lutung Jawa di rumah terdakwa yang merupakan gudang penyimpanan satwa. Pengadilan Negeri Krakasan memutuskan, terdakwa Muhamad Fatah Yasin pidana penjara 8 (delapan) bulan dan denda sebesar Rp 50.000.000,00 (lima puluh juta rupiah), subsider 2 (dua) bulan pidana kurungan.

“Putusan yang dibacakan pada 4 Februari 2016 itu semakin menajamkan mata pisau perang melawan perdagangan satwa liar.”, tegas Daniek Hendarto, Manajer Anti Wildlife Crime Centre for Orangutan Protection.

Sepanjang tahun 2015, COP melakukan operasi bersama dalam menangkap perdagangan satwa liar. Dalam 5 kali operasinya tercatat 57 satwa yang berhasil diamankan bersama pihak-pihak terkait. Kelima operasi penegakkan hukum tersebut, empat pelaku sudah dan sedang menjalani hukumannya. Operasi Garut berhasil menyelamatkan satu orangutan Sumatera, dengan terdakwa Dicky Rusvinda dihukum 1 tahun 6 bulan. Operasi Surabaya yang menyelamatkan 13 Elang, terdakwa Paska Aditya mendapat vonis 7 bulan penjara dan denda Rp 2.500.000,00. Sementara itu hukuman terberat adalah Putusan Pengadilan Negeri Langsa yang menjatuhi terdakwa Ramadhani, pedagang 3 bayi orangutan Sumatera dengan hukuman 2 tahun penjara dan denda Rp 50.000.000,00 (lima puluh juta rupiah) subsider 3 bulan penjara. (YUN)


Facebook users were shocked by photos of two orangutans burned to death because of forest fire in Belimbing, West-Bontang, East Borneo. The photos show a female orangutan and her baby died in the fire until there is no hair remains.

Together with BKSDA Est-Borneo, the Kutai National Park officers, and Bontang Police, APE Crussader arrived on the location on Sunday afternoon, Februari 21, 2016. COP’s team has not got a lot of additional data because the bodies of orangutans were already buried nearby the location.

One of the instructions in order to determine the cause of the deaths was to perform an autopsy on the corpse of these orangutans. Beside, a chronological investigation to the occurrence has also to be done.

“This case has become viral on social media and the international community. The world challenges and highlights us, if we can finish this case of unnatural death of orangutans to its conclusion.” said Ramadhani, COP’s Director of Operations.

In Article 21 paragraph (2) letter a in conjunction with Article 40 paragraph (2) of UU No. 5 1990 on Conservation of Biological Resources and ecosystems sentences an imprisonment of 5 (five) years in prison and a maximum fine of Rp 100,000,000.00 (One hundred million rupiah) for capturing, injuring, killing, keeping, owning, raising, transporting and trading protected animals alive.

For further information and interviews please contact:
Director of Operations of Centre for Orangutan Protection
email: dhani@cop.or.id
HP: 081349271904


Media Social Facebook diramaikan dengan beredarnya foto orangutan mati terpanggang karena pembakaran lahan di kelurahan Belimbing, kecamatan Bontang Barat, Kalimantan Timur. Dalam foto terlihat orangutan mati terbakar hingga tidak ada sisa rambut atau bulunya disertai dengan kematian anaknya.

Siang, 21 Februari 2016 tim APE Crusader berada di lokasi kejadian bersama BKSDA Kalimantan Timur, Balai Taman Nasional Kutai dan Polres Bontang. Tim Centre for Orangutan Protection belum banyak mendapat data tambahan karena mayat orangutan sudah terlanjur dikubur dekat lokasi kejadian.

Salah satu petunjuk agar mengetahui asal usul kematian orangutan adalah dengan melakukan otopsi terhadap mayat otangutan. Serta melakukan penyelidikan kronologis secara menyeluruh terjadinya kebakaran yang mengakibatkan kematian satwa liar yang dilindungi ini.

“Kasus ini sudah menjadi viral di media sosial dan dunia Internasional. Kita ditantang dan disorot oleh dunia, apakah kita bisa menyelesaikan kasus kematian orangutan tidak wajar ini hingga tuntas.”, ujar Ramadhani, Direktur Operasional COP.

Pada pasal 21 ayat (2) huruf a jo pasal 40 ayat (2) Undang-undang No. 5 Tahun 1990 tentang Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam Hayati dan ekosistemnya mengancam hukuman penjara paling lama 5 (lima) tahun penjara dan denda paling banyak Rp 100.000.000,00 (seratus juta rupiah) bagi orang yang menangkap, melukai, membunuh, menyimpan, memiliki, memelihara, mengangkut dan memperniagakan satwa yang dilindungi dalam keadaan hidup.

Untuk informasi dan wawancara lebih lanjut silahkan menghubungi:
Direktur Operasional Centre for Orangutan Protection
email : dhani@cop.or.id
HP : 081349271904


“Exciting! Playing together in water, hanging with friends and meeting new friends.”, That was the participants said about Fun Rafting For Orangutan, on Sunday February 21. The idea of this Fun Rafting is to donate for Orangutans in COP’s Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in a fun way. This fun rafting was initiated by Orangufriends. Orangufriends is COP’s supporting group, which always has thousands ways to help orangutans.

Experienced instructors guided the participants to go rafting in Elo River, Magelang. The participants learn the safety procedure before going down to the river. How to paddle in passing the rapids, even if they fell out of the boat.

“Thirty eight participants took part in this fund raising event. Before going rafting, we presented some photos and videos about COP’s efforts in saving Orangutans and other wildlife in Indonesia. We hope that Orangutan rescue could be performed by anyone and in any way, one of them is by donating in a fun way.”, said Zakia, the Orangufriends Coordinator.

“I love water, I like rafting and I like animals.”, That was the reason why Charlotte Garnier, a student of Faculty of Economics UGM from France participated in this Fun Rafting. Let’s see Orangufriends’ next unique idea in helping Orangutans! (DAN)


“Seru! Main basah-basahan, berkumpul dengan teman dan ketemu teman baru.”, itu adalah sebagian ungkapan peserta Fun Rafting For Orangutan pada Minggu 21 Februari yang lalu. Konsep arung jeram berdonasi untuk Pusat Rehabilitasi Orangutan COP Borneo di Kalimantan Timur yang menyenangkan ini digagas oleh Orangufriends. Kelompok pendukung Centre for Orangutan Protection yang bergabung di Orangufriends, yang memang punya seribu satu cara untuk membantu orangutan.

Instruktur berpengalaman memandu peserta mengarungi derasnya sungai Elo, kabupaten Magelang. Peserta mendapatkan materi safety procedur sebelum turun ke sungai. Bagaimana mendayung melewati jeram, bahkan jika peserta terjatuh dari perahu.

“Ada tigapuluh delapan peserta yang ikut. Sebelum berarung jeram, acara having fun, while raising fund dengan melihat foto-foto dan video tentang upaya COP menyelamatkan orangutan dan satwa liar di Indonesia. Kita berharap upaya penyelamatan orangutan bisa dilakukan siapa saja dan dengan cara apa saja, salah satunya berdonasi dan menyenangkan.”, kata Zakia, Koordinator Orangufriends COP.

“Saya suka air, saya suka rafting dan saya suka binatang.”, itulah yang menjadi alasan kenapa Charlotte Garnier, mahasiswa Fakultas Ekonomi UGM Yogyakarta asal Perancis ini ikut dalam fun rafting kali ini. Kita tunggu cara unik Orangufriends untuk menyebarkan peduli orangutan. (DAN)


COP bersama Badan Reserse Kriminal Kepolisian Republik Indonesia dan Jakarta Animal Aid Network berhasil menyelamatkan bayi beruang madu dari tangan pedangang satwa liar di Bantul, Yogyakarta. Pada 8 Februari 2016 itu, tim juga mengamankan tiga ekor Ular Sanca Bodo, tigabelas anakan Merak, satu Elang Bondol Hitam, satu binturong dan satu bayi Lutung yang semua barang bukti tersebut dititipkan ke Lembaga Konservasi Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) Yogyakarta.

Tim Mabes Polri menangkap MZ di tempat tinggalnya Bantul, Yogyakarta. Diduga, MZ adalah pedagang besar satwa liar ilegal untuk wilayah Yogyakarta dan Jawa Tengah.

“Tersangka akan menghadapi pasal 21 ayat (2) huruf a Jo Pasal 40 ayat (2) undang-undang nomor 5 Tahun 1990 tentang Konservasi Sumbaer Daya Alama Hayati dan Ekosistemnya dengan ancaman hukuman penjara paling lama 5 (lima) tahun penjara dan denda paling banyak Rp 100.000.000,00 (seratus juta rupiah).”, kata Daniek Hendarto, manajer Anti Wildlife Crime Centre for Orangutan Protection.


My name is Owi, I realized it since every time they wanted to give me fruits or asked me to play, they always said that word and I became familiar with the word. It has been almost one year since I was away from home, its colour, its smell, its exuberance, its hustle, its silence; and during that time I have been apart from my mother.

At that time, my vision was still poor and I was always stuck on her chest, before someday in the afternoon a small boom shocked us, right after a flash of light from below, from something that was held by a creature standing on two legs instead of climbing tree, he stayed on the ground.  It was so quick, in a sudden I felt my mother wobbled. Her grip on the tree branches weakened, staggered and slowly slumped before falling to the ground. Fresh red blood flowed from my mother’s chest, just one knuckle from my head. Her heartbeats were getting weaker, her body was getting cold, her face was pale. He tried hard to look at me and say one or two words, but she could not. Tears flowed slowly on her cheeks before mother did not move at all. I just shivered in my helplessness.

The creatures moved slowly approaching us, his steps were voiced by leaves and small twigs crushed by his feet which seemed have no fingers, something seemed to cover and weigh them. He took me, lifted my body, drowned me in his arms and took me away, stepped away from my mother after telling her friend to take care of my mother’s body. I cried, simply because I didn’t understand. At that time, I had no idea at all that that’s going to be my last time I saw my mother and felt her warm caress. (MBO)


Namaku Owi, aku menyadarinya sejak setiap mereka ingin memberiku buah-buahan atau mengajakku bermain, mereka selalu mengucapkan kata itu dan aku pun menjadi akrab dengan kata itu. Sudah hampir satu tahun aku merasa jauh dari rumah, warnanya, bebauannya, kerimbunannya, keramaiannya serta kesenyapannya, dan selama itu pula aku berpisah dengan Ibu.

Waktu itu mataku masih remang untuk sanggup melihat dan aku masih selalu menempel pada dadanya, sebelum pada suatu sore suara dentuman mengagetkan kami, tepat setelah kilatan cahaya kecil dari bawah, dari sesuatu yang dipegang suatu makhluk yang berdiri dengan dua kakinya dan bukannya memanjat pohon, dia malah di tanah. Kejadian itu seperti kilat, seketika aku merasakan tubuh Ibu goyah, pegangannya terhadap cabang pohon melemah, terhuyung dan perlahan menggelosor sebelum akhirnya jatuh ke permukaan tanah. Cairan merah segar mengalir deras dari dada Ibu, hanya berjarak satu ruas jari dari kepalaku berada. Detak di dadanya semakin melemah, badannya terasa semakin dingin, sayup-sayup wajahnya kosong dan pucat. Tampak dia berusaha keras menatapku dan mengucapkan satu dua kata, namun tak sanggup. Air mata mengalir pelan menjadi ngarai-ngarai kecil pada pipinya sebelum Ibu tidak bergerak sama sekali. Aku hanya menggigil diam dalam ketidakberdayaanku.

Langkah makhluk itu perlahan mendekat, disuarakan oleh daun dan ranting kecil yang remuk oleh pijak kakinya yang nampak tidak berjari, sepertinya sesuatu menyelimuti serta membebani kaki berdirinya. Dia mengambilku, mengangkat tubuh kecilku, menenggelamkanku dalam pelukannya dan membawaku pergi, melangkah menjauhi Ibu setelah menyuruh sebangsanya mengurus tubuh itu. Aku menangis di antara sejenak, hanya karena tidak paham. Sama sekali pada waktu itu tidak ada pikiran bahwa hari itu adalah terakhir kalinya aku melihat Ibuku dan hari terakhir aku merasakan hangat peluknya. (MBO)


Indonesian cyberspace has blown up after TV ONE aired an interview with the Minister for Internal Affairs, Cahyo Kumolo. In this program, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle politician proudly displayed his collection of preserved tigers, leopards and bears, and shared the story of how he came to own the collection. This immediately sparked a great protest and was promptly dealt with in a positive way. The minister’s entire collection was surrendered to the Jakarta Conservation and Natural Resources Agency to be destroyed. But is this ‘problem solved’?

It seems that giving gifts to government officials, in the form of both live and preserved exotic animals, has become tradition in Indonesia. This is a portrait of an indifferent and arrogant attitude. As if government officials are not aware of the rules and regulations! It must be admitted that one of Indonesia’s social problems is a lack of good role models.

Nevertheless, COP and Animals Indonesia believe that we as the citizens of Indonesia have to keep moving forward. Don’t just keep pointing the finger. Cahyo Kumolo, as Minister for Internal Affairs, should have taken full advantage of this incident as best he could to correct his mistake and assist in efforts for wildlife conservation.

The easiest way would be to put in place a policy which would prohibit all national officials from giving or receiving gifts of wild animals, or keeping collections.

If this was carried out, it would be a huge step forward as the number of government employees is at least 5 million, and it would surely make a great impact.


Dunia maya Indonesia geger setelah TV ONE menyiarkan wawancaranya dengan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Cahyo kumolo. Dalam tayangan tersebut, politisi PDIP itu memamerkan koleksi awetan harimau, macan dan beruang. Dia menceritakan bagaimana mendapatkan koleksinya. Hal ini mengundang protes besar dan hebatnya lagi langsung ditanggapi dengan positif. Seluruh koleksinya diserahkan ke BKSDA Jakarta untuk dimusnahkan. Apakah persoalan selesai?

Nampaknya, memberikan hadiah kepada seorang pejabat, baik berupa satwa hidup dan awetan sudah menjadi tradisi di Indonesia. Ini adalah potret sikap masa bodoh dan arogansi. Tidak mungkin para pejabat tersebut tidak tahu pada aturan dan perundang-undangan. Harus diakui bahwa salah satu masalah sosial di Indonesia adalah krisisnya keteladanan baik.

Namun demikian, COP dan Animals menilai bahwa kita sebagai bangsa harus terus bergerak maju. Jangan berhenti pada saling tuding. Sudah seharusnya Cahyo Kumolo selaku Mendagri memanfaatkan momen ini sebaik baiknya untuk mengkoreksi kesalahan dan membantu upaya konservasi satwa liar. Cara yang paling mudah adalah dengan membuat kebijakan yang melarang seluruh aparatur negara memberikan dan menerima hadiah berupa satwa liar, termasuk mengkoleksinya.

Jika ini dilaksanakan, ini bakal menjadi sebuah gerakan besar yang berdampak besar karena jumlah pegawai negeri di Indonesia setidaknya mencapai lima juta orang.


Salam olahraga!!!
Main Futsal sekaligus beramal? Bisa aja… tapi cuman di Futsal For Orangutan 2016. Buat yang pernah ikutan tahun lalu… pasti tahu caranya. Tapi maaf ya… khusus putri dulu ya…

Cara pendaftaran Futsal For Orangutan 2016
1. Tim terdiri dari maksimal 12 orang pemain wanita dan 2 official.
2. Membayar biaya pendaftaran Rp 250.000,00 per tim ke No. Rekening 10370888000 a.n: Centre for Orangutan Protection
3. Pendaftaran akan dibuka hingga tanggal 15 Maret 2016 namun bila kuota telah terpenuhi maka pendaftaran akan dihentikan.
4. Setelah melakukan pembayaran silahkan konfirmasi ke email ekki.kusuma@gmail.com dengan mengirimkan foto atau hasil scan struk bukti pembayaran.
5. Anda akan mendapatkan email balasan berupa formulir pendaftaran untuk diisi dan dikembalikan pada saat technical meeting tanggal 17 Maret 2016 di camp APE Warrior Yogyakarta (peta lokasi akan dilampirkan pada form pemdaftaran).
6. Diharapkan kedatangan seluruh anggota tim saat technical meeting karena dilakukan edukasi dan penyadartahuan mengenai satwa liar khususnya orangutan.
7. Seluruh pertandingan akan dilaksanakan pada 19 Maret 2016 di Score Futsal Jakal KM 9,5 Yogyakarta.
8. Tim juara 1 dan 2 pada kompetisi ini akan mendaptkan hadiah masing-masing sebesar Rp 500.000,00 dan Rp 300.000,00 yang akan didonasikan untuk orangutan.

Contact Person:
Ekki: sms/whatsapp 085255158062 LINE: chelskky
Rebi: sms/whatsapp 087770085551 LINE: rebyaa

Yuk segera daftarkan tim kamu, tim teman kamu… atau tim saudara kamu untuk peduli orangutan. Kapan lagi… sehat sambil beramal untuk orangutan.
Pasti seru!!! ‪#‎FutsalForOrangutan‬ ‪#‎FFO2016‬ ‪#‎orangufriendevents


February 6 at Rubix, Melbourne, Hardi Baktiantoro (COP Principle) talked about the general work that The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) do all over Indonesia and Vet Imam Arifin’s presentation showed the progress so far of the Orangutan Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre COP were building in Labanan, East Kalimantan.
COP would like to thank all who came and supported the Melbourne SOUND for ORANGUTAN, SAVE the ORANGUTANS Fundraiser to help us help orangutans, and big thanks to all the DJ’s, Lighting Talent & Tech Talent who donated their amazing skills, the venue and the biggest thank you to Lukey from Universal Tribe Records and Bev from With Compassion & Soul.

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