COP activists help local people to rehabilitate their forest after destroyed by palm oil company in Cempaga – Central Borneo. We planted at least 1000 local trees and we will plant thousands more trees. It has been our dream to secure the area to be protected forest for orangutan. Unfortunately, 63 trees logged by illegal loggers during a week Ramadhan Holiday when nobody from COP or Sahabu family stay in the forest.  We are really sad. At least 5 orangutans came to our small camp. “They asking for our help,” said Christopel Sahabu, the community leader.

Finally COP decided to establish an “Orangutan Defender Camp”.   The COP activist, volunteer or local people will stay at the camp night and day: preventing loggers and heavy equipment threat our orangutans. Now, they has think twice before threatening orangutan: COP will make them in trouble.  Once again, thanks  to Masha/ Monkey Business that support us on protecting orangutan.  Please click SUPPORT if you want to help us. We have a wish list to  running the camp. You people are making difference.

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