Centre for Orangutan Protection is an Indonesian original organization which focuses on rescue, preservation and protection of orangutan in its habitat, as well as outside the habitat. Founded in 2007, COP works to counter any crimes against orangutan and their natural habitats. COP investigates, documents, exposes, and if necessary, readily confronts any persons or groups who threaten to disrupt the life of orangutan or local communities living nearby. COP conducts several rapid-response teams to rehabilitate orangutan in Labanan, East Borneo.

In the forefront stands Orangufriends, the supporter group of COP which is always ready to exhaust all means to assist COP. They always have thousands idea to help orangutan. They visit schools to raise students’ awareness, they do campaigns to raise public support, they organize charity events to raise fund and many more. Everything they do, they do it because and for orangutan.

Sound for Orangutan is one of the fund raising event organized by Orangufriends. All of the funds collected in SFO went to COP’s Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Labanan, East Borneo. SFO was first organized in 2012 and has been held 3 times in Jakarta, once in Yogyakarta, and once in Melbourne. The next will be held in Jakarta in May 2016 with a shoot-out “Menolak Punah”.

Literally, menolak punah means ‘to refuse to extinct’ or ‘to survive’. Seeing their miserable condition in Borneo, this is what the orangutans probably want to say if only they could speak. Both sumatran and bornean Orangutans are listed on Appendix 1 of CITES, which means that they are extremely endangered species. The population keeps decreasing every year. COP takes a great effort to prevent the extinction and this charity event Sound for Orangutan is one of what Orangufriends do to assist the effort.

For you who have a concern about Orangutan, please feel free to join the event. Visit our website and our Facebook Page Centre for Orangutan Protection for more information. See you in SFO Jakarta 2016 “Menolak Punah”!



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