Last week, May 19,2016 the little Leci was got a fever dan she is now recovered. Uci currently suffers from prolapse rectal (the rectum slides out of place and usually sticks out of the anus) and need to have a rest from forest school. Such a hectic weeks in the clinic of COP Borneo. Thank you With Compassion & Soul that has built this clinic and Orangutan Veterinary Aid – OVAID that has completed the equipments.
Seminggu yang lalu, si mungil Leci sakit demam dan sudah pulih kembali. Sekarang Uci sakit prolaps rektal dan harus istirahat dari sekolah hutan. Minggu-minggu yang sibuk di klinik COP Borneo. Terimakasih With Compassion & Soul yang telah membangun klinik ini dan Orangutan Veterinary Aid – OVAID yang telah mengisi peralatan medisnya.



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