Even protected conservation forest is not safe for orangutan. Our team collect her from Kutai National Park Office in Bontang after a local handed over this baby. His dog chased an orangutan and this baby separated from mom. We heard this very similar stories very often.
Kutai National Park is one of the most threatened protected area in Indonesia. An illegal road have triggered illegal settlement. This is the National Park where we can find illegal school, government offices and gasoline station as well as brothel houses.
This picture taken this morning, while our APE Crusader Team take a break. Still halfway from 20 hours drive to our rescue centre COP Borneo in Berau, North East Kalimantan.
Masih separuh perjalanan dari duapuluh jam perjalanan orangutan Bonti ke Pusat Rehabilitasi Orangutan COP Borneo, Berau Kalimantan Timur.
“Bayi orangutan betina ini terpisah dari induknya saat anjing mengejar induk orangutan ini.”, ujar penyerah orangutan Bonti.
Ibu mana yang akan melepaskan bayinya begitu saja… ini adalah kisah pilu yang terpaksa tim APE Crusader dengarkan.
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