JABRICK has had her ups & downs since coming to COP Borneo. If you remember in Feb 2015 JABRICK who was only 1yr old was stolen from her Mum at the time her Mum was killed. JABRICK was very skinny & weak and the ‘owners’ realised they did not know how to care for such a young baby and so surrendered her. JABRICK was severely malnourished as she had only been given condensed milk and because an orangutan baby in the wild can suckle from their Mother for up to 8yrs was also denied many antibodies normally absorbed from Mum’s colostrum.

When JABRICK first arrived it took many months to bring her health up but the COP Team did increase her health and although only a baby she was one of the top climbers in forest school and often would not come down at the end of the day. Then JABRICK, whose defenses (because of the reasons mentioned above) were low caught Malaria and got really sick. She was removed from the cages and put in the temporary clinic and was under the constant care of the COP Borneo vet. She was sick for quite a few weeks but then slowly recovered and went back to Forest School where she was the orangutan who would climb the highest and not want to come down each day, she was top of her class even though she was the baby of the group.

Two weeks ago she caught influenza so had to again be removed from the cages and was taken to the temporary clinic whilst I was there. She was kept warm and Dr Iman tried everything to get her to eat as she had lost her appetite. When she wouldn’t eat enough Jabrick was given intravenous food and was monitored 24hrs a day. A a big orange teddy bear was bought for her so she could cling to it in her little basket in the clinic while she slept. Her condition continued to weaken as she would not eat or drink and finding veins to intravenously feed became increasingly difficult. Sadly on 15th January she passed away. We are all absolutely devastated as she was one of our little champions. RIP Jabrick, we will never forget you.

For those who had adopted Jabrick please see the email we have sent you and reply to that email as we will not be replying to any comments in the comments box below as they are not able to be tracked. Thank you The devastated COP Team.



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