Coinciding with their 8th anniversary, the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) launched the APE Warrior 2 car to replace APE Warrior. The APE Warrior vehicle has been retired after 5 years of roaming around Java, Sumatra and Bali. APE Warrior was originally called the Mobile Education Unit (MECU) and was based at COP headquarters in Jakarta. However, the COP ultimately needed to expand it to become a separate team like APE Crusader and APE Defender in Kalimantan. Physically, the APE Warrior 2 vehicle (a 2500 cc Ford Everest) is more powerful than its predecessor (a 1500 cc Toyota Rush). Subsequently, its power can be equated with the other vehicles (2500 cc Mitsubishi Tritons) that are being used in Kalimantan.


Daniek Hendarto, Captain of the APE Warrior Team provided the following statement:

 “We are confident that with this new power, we can save even more wildlife that have been uprooted from their habitat and imprison even more perpetrators of crimes against wildlife.”

 Compared with the APE Crusader and APE Defender teams, which work in the Kalimantan habitat range, the APE Warrior team has very different duties and functions. The Yogya-based team is tasked with rescuing orangutans that have been displaced from their habitat, for example victims of the black market that have been abandoned in zoos. Orangutans are not the only ones rescued. Due to evil businesses’ opportunistic attitudes, several types of rare wildlife and other protected species are also rescued. APE Warrior has worked with the Natural Resources Conservation Office (BKSDA) and the Police on several occasions to jail wildlife traffickers. The team, which operates with only 4 people, is behind the success of the COP’s campaign. They work as an arm of the COP’s campaign to mobilise public support for the protection of orangutans.

The APE Warrior 2 vehicle’s appearance is also designed to be conspicuous and attract attention, so that it is easy for the public to recognise and contact if there is wildlife that requires assistance. It also facilitates field operations.

THE COP THANKS THE ORANGUTAN PROJECT (TOP) Australia, IFAW and the Disney Conservation Fund, which jointly bought the APE Warrior 2 vehicle. United we stand.




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