Yogyakarta – The method for illegal wild animals trafficking is getting more advanced along with technology developments. One of the most common method is by using Facebook or online advertising. Facebook is the easiest communication tool between sellers to trade protected or non-protected wild animals. Mostly, sellers will create a closed communication group to promote and trade wild animals. 

“Sellers and buyers will gather in one group which enable them to get information about wild animals transaction easily. sellers will upload some pictures of wild animals and put price tags on it, while bargaining session happened in comment column. When agreement is reached, sellers will send bank account number to transfer the money. After that, the sellers will send the animals via land shipping which is safer from police’s supervision,” according to Daniek Hendarto, COP’s campaigner.

The sellers get easier facilities with Facebook, because wild animals transaction is safer and easier, since there is no need for face to face interaction.

“Facebook has become the best way for those wild life criminals. Sellers can sell protected animals in Facebook groups without any hesitation. This has become a serious crime and we need serious handling over this issue also. Nowadays, it is easier to get protected animals in Facebook than in bird market. It is more complete and detailed information can be sent to buyer’s houses,” Elizabeth Laksmi, Animals Indonesian’s campaigner.

Law enforcement’s operation can be very difficult to be done if Facebook has not applied security system yet. Facebook may learn from Kaskus, who has already applied “banned” status to wild animal’s sellers. This system can, at least, reduce the growing number of wild animal trading.

During 2012-2015, COP has helped in at least 8 cases of confiscation and law enforcement operation of online wild animal traders by police department. In that operation, team has saved 28 kinds of wild animals, including baby orangutan worth IDR 50 million Some sellers even have international link for Indonesia’s wild animals’ tradings.

“It proves that Facebook has become a dangerous media for wild animals. The crime can be easily done in this social media. COP, along with Animals Indonesia, would like to inform everyone about this serious offense towards wild animals in Facebook, and we hope that society can stop this case by not buying wild animals. At least, this will cut off the trading chain from everyone.”

For further information and interview, please contact :

Daniek Hendarto, COP Campaigner

Mobile Phone : 081328837434

Email : daniek@cop.or.id

Elizabeth Laksmi, Animals Indonesia Campaigner

Mobile Phone : 081227103052

Email : elizabeth@animalsindonesia.org




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