Asia for Animals conference starting October 6th-10th in Kuching on the island of Borneo, with a packed programme of presentations covering a huge range of issues. More than 400 delegates from 26 countries are attend that event. But so many of delegates can’t come because to much hazz and some of airport just closedown. Some of speaker just cancel to come in last day because the airport close specialy has plan transit at Pontianak west Borneo, Indonesia.
To much scedule change in firstday of conference.

This Conference talk about animal wildlife trade and some of them talk about animal farm, animal right and animal welfare in many place of this world. There have 3 speaker talk about orangutan, 2 from International Animal Rescue and 1 from Centre for Orangutan Protection.

Paulinus Kristianto from the Centre for Orangutan Protection in East Kalimantan on Indonesian Borneo called for an end to the ravages being caused to orangutan habitat by palm oil companies. Paulinus say, enough is enough no more palm oil, RSPO is biggers lie there is no sustainable in palm oil. Forest conservation by palm oil and recomendation by RSPO in reality is nothing. He say forest conservation recomendation by rspo just make legal palm oil company can distroy more and more high conservation forest in borneo.

Juanisa Andiani from International Animal Rescue Indonesia spoke about habitat destruction and told delegates that orangutans were being pushed onto rubber and oil palm plantations because they are desperate for fruit and water. “There used to be a lot of forest around the rubber plantations in Ketapang, but the trees have burnt down and suddenly the orangutans have to come and eat the rubber trees,” she said.

Adi Irawan, also from International Animal Rescue Indonesia, said there had been a 50 percent decline in orangutan populations in Indonesia over the past 60 years and most of the animals were now living outside protected areas. There are more than 1,000 orangutans in rescue and rehabilitation centres in Indonesia, Adi says. Hundreds of the animals are displaced or killed every years

This conference close at October 9th night and October 10th all delegate  have trip to some of rescue centre at Kuching.



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