What You Can Do




There are 18 orangutans in our centre. Please choose the one that you connect with and adopt them to help with their ongoing care and possible release one day back to the wild. For a few of these lovelies, release is not possible so they will be cared for at this centre for the rest of their lives.
Each adoption goes for a year from the date you adopted and the date will be on your certificate. You will be emailed a beautiful certificate which you can print and frame, a pair of orangutan earrings, a sticker and a fridge magnet as small thank you gifts for caring enough to give some financial support to these beautiful beings. You can dedicate the adoption to someone other than yourself and we will put their name on the certificate instead.


This a group to support COP where we can share knowledge and experience, strengthen and inspire each other. By joining this group you can involve in our volunteering programs, events, promo and WildTrip.