Raku is Crested serpent eagle (Spilornis cheela bido) who was brought malnourished with a big wound on his chest. Raku must have been kept as a pet, looking at the primaries feathers that has been cut. This is the second day Raku here and don’t even ask if he is okay or if he could already fly, he couldn’t even stand or move his own two feet. That is the story from Grace Tania, member of Orangufriends Malang who is now doing an internship in Pusat Konservasi Elang Kamojang (Eagle Conservation Center, Kamojang).

Conservation world is not an easy world. Time, energy and mental are drain when we have to face the animals. The animals condition must not be in their best. So, are you still going to keep wild animals as a pet? Are you going to join the ‘animal lover’ community? Are you going to still buy wild animals?

Disconecting the circle of wildlife trade is not an easy task to do. For the last seven years Center for Orangutan Protection has been marching on many wars in wildlife trading. The movement of the transaction that is growing larger in Social Media is now happening. The seller can always accessing the transaction from anywhere and anytime. The growing of ‘wild animals lover community’ is also supporting the wildlife trade.

“The concerns and supports from orangufriends (COP supporters) are what keeps us going; fighting the wildlife trade. “, said Hery Susanto. “Their spirit is what keeps us going, that it is not just us insanely dreams wild animals are supposed to be in their habitats.”

Raku adalah elang ular juvenile. Raku dibawa dalam kondisi malnutrisi dan dengan luka besar di bagian dada. Raku dulunya sudah pasti dipelihara orang, terlihat dari bulu primernya yang dipotong. Ini sudah hari kedua semenjak Raku diantarkan, tidak usah bertanya apa dia bisa sehat dan terbang, untuk berdiri saja dia belum bisa. Itulah cerita Grace Tania, anggota Orangufriends Malang yang saat ini sedang di Pusat Konservasi Elang Kamojang, Garut.

Dunia konservasi adalah dunia yang tidak mudah. Waktu, tenaga dan mental terkuras saat berhadapan langsung dengan satwa. Kondisi satwa yang dihadapi sudah pasti tidak dalam kondisi terbaiknya. Lalu… kamu masih memelihara satwa liar? Lalu kamu tetap bergabung dengan komunitas-komunitas ‘pecinta’ satwa? Kamu masih membeli satwa liar?

Memutus rantai perdagangan satwa liar bukanlah hal yang mudah.
Tujuh tahun terakhir ini, Centre for Orangutan Protection berusaha memerangi perdagangan satwa liar ini. Pergeseran transaksi pedagang mulai dari pasar burung ke dunia media sosial pun terjadi. Perdagangan pun semakin marak dengan semakin mudahnya akses internet di seluruh penjuru bumi. Kemunculan komunitas-komunitas ‘pecinta’ satwa semakin mendukung perdagangan via online ini.

“Kepedulian orangufriends (kelompok pendukung orangutan) memberi semangat baru kepada kami, untuk terus memerangi kejahatan terhadap satwa liar.”, ujar Hery Susanto. “Semangat mereka menjadi semangat kami, bahwa tak hanya kami, yang gila, bermimpi, satwa liar tempatnya di alam.”. (Grace_Orangufriends)


The Center for Orangutan Protection proclaims 2017 as years of freedom. COP will relingquish the orangutans in the COP Borneo orangutan rehabilitation center in East Borneo.

Something different with COP release. As a roots organization entering its tenth year, COP invites the whole community to care about orangutans to participate in this activity. Through Orangufriends, an orangutan support groups raise funds from public participation through the sale of years of freedom series shirts. A T-shirt with a support theme for orangutan release in 2017.

“We are very happy to see the response. Seeing the support of Orangufriends is like encouraging us when we’re tired. Very proud, many people are concerned with this activity. We are confident that in the future, more people will participate in buying merchandise for orangutan release,” said Reza Kurniawan, COP APE Defender captain.

The sale of 107 ‘Year of Freedom’ merchandise in a very short time helped us to finance the operation of orangutans feeding on the pre-releae island. “Thanks to you who have donated through the purchase of ‘Year of Freedom’ T-shirts’”, said Weti Nurpiana with emotion. (Dhea_Orangufriends)

Centre for Orangutan Protection mencanangkan tahun 2017 sebagai years of freedom atau tahun kebebasan bagi orangutan. COP akan melepasliarkan kembali orangutan yang berada di pusat rehabilitasi orangutan COP Borneo di Kalimantan Timur.

Ada yang berbeda dengan pelepasliaran yang dilakukan COP. Sebagai organisasi akar rumput yang memasuki tahun kesepuluhnya, COP mengajak seluruh masyarakat peduli orangutan untuk ikut serta dalam kegiatan ini. Melalui orangufriends, kelompok pendukung orangutan menggalang dana dari partisipasi masyarakat lewat penjualan kaos years of freedom series. Sebuah kaos dengan tema dukungan untuk pelepasliaran orangutan di tahun 2017.

“Kami bahagia sekali melihat respon yang muncul. Melihat dukungan orangufriends seperti memberi semangat saat kami lelah. Bangga sekali, ternyata banyak yang peduli dengan kegiatan ini. Kami yakin, untuk kegiatan ke depannya, akan lebih banyak lagi yang ikut serta membeli merchandise untuk pelepasliaran orangutan.”, ujar Reza Kurniawan, kapten APE Defender COP.

Terjualnya 107 merchandise ‘Year of Freedom’ dalam waktu singkat sangat membantu kami untuk membiayai operasional pemberian pakan orangutan di pulau pra pelepasliaran orangutan. “Terimakasih untuk kamu yang telah berdonasi lewat pembelian kaos ‘Year of Freedom’.”, ujar Weti Nurpiana dengan haru. (WET)


It has become a yearly agenda in Padang when the month of Ramadhan comes, it is compulsory for all students from 4th grade Elementary School to High School to attend “Pesantren Ramadhan”. A Program from the Education Ministry of Padang that had been legalized under the regulations of the Padang City Government that still in run even though the yearly progress vacation has come. The activities of “Pesantren Ramadhan” for elementary and high school students are handed over to committees formed by mosques scattered in each RT/RW near the area where the students live. Every student who will follow “Pesantren Ramadhan” at the nearest mosque in their living area, must first register for this event. A small difference lies for the high school students as they will be doing the activity in their own schools. “Pesantren Ramadhan” is held for two weeks, starting in the second week of Ramadhan until a week ahead of EID.

The start of the holy month of Ramadhan makes School Visit activities that I do as Orangufriends from Padang so different from the School Visit activites conducted by Orangufriends from other cities. Even so it is not a problem for me to still be able to run fulfill my mission of doing School Visits as Orangufriends. This has challenged me to be able to innovate in preparing a school visit strategy. Having previously conducted a survey first about any material given during the “Pesantren Ramadhan”, I enlisted to be one of the speakers at Baitul Rosyid Mosque, located at Jl. Bronco RT 04 RW 09 Parupuk Tabing Sub-distric of Kecamatan Koto Tengah city of Padang, which is the site of “Pesantren Ramadhan” for more than 50 joint students from several Elementary and High School in Padang. Elementary students enrolled in Ramadhan Islamic Boarding School at Baitul Rosyid Mosque are students form SD Sbbihisma, SD Negeri Percobaan, SD Angkasa, SDN 24 Parupuk Tabing, SDN 6 Ulak Karang and Students from SMPN 13 Tabing, SMPN 25 Belanti, SMPN 29 Dadok, MTSN Model, SMP Angkasa dan SMP Pembangunan.

Not only do i provide materials in the form of knowledge about the introduction of orangutans and their habitat to the santri, but I also gave them some materials about the relationship of religion with the nature surrounding it and it’s current condition. Among them is to review the Surat Ar-Rum verse 41, telling a bit about the story of Prophet Noah’s who made a special deck for the animals in his Ark, and conveyed Thabrani’s HR which reads: “Love the creatures of the earth, then you will be loved by HIM in the sky”. So to lift up the Santri spirits and not to fall asleep in receiving the material, before the activities began I invited them to follow a game of “Gymnastics Numbers” as a warm-up. Also as a bonus to enrich their knowledge, I also played an inspirational movie about animals titled “Piper”, and made a challenge by asking them to be able to tell what lessons learned from the film. For students who is courageous to appear in front of the class to convey their views, they are given stickers as a gift.

For almost 4 hours divided into two sessions (the first 2 hours of the session for the High School and 2 hours of the second session for the elementary students) from 07.30 – 11.30 p.m, I enjoyed the togetherness with the santri as the speakers through the materials which I got from the COP School and also an adaptation of the various sources with an underlying theme of: “Humans, Animals and Their Relation With Natural Balance”. What makes me satisfied is that the whole santri followed the path that I made with passion and the high sense of curiosity about orangutans. The moral
message that I try to give from every review of the presentation material and visualization that I displayed, hopefully is now embedded in them to further expand their views to not undermine nature, no matter how small. Because the ones that will be affected and experience the loss are not actually animals, plants or other inhabitants that live in Nature, but us as Humans.

Thus, though little and small I have at least started. Hopefully this small step I have pioneered will be one day become a real big step to be able to do and directly involved in the forms of orangutan and other wildlife rescue efforts. (Dhea_Orangufriends)


Sudah menjadi agenda tahunan di kota Padang saat bulan Ramadhan tiba, seluruh siswa SD kelas 4 hingga SMU wajib mengikuti Pesantren Ramadhan. Program tetap Dinas Pendidikan kota Padang yang disahkan dalam Perda PEMKOT Padang tetap dijalankan walaupun waktu libur kenaikan kelas telah tiba. Penyelenggaraan kegiatan Pesantren Ramadhan untuk siswa tingkat SD dan SMP di serahkan kepada panitia yang dibentuk oleh mesjid-mesjid yang tersebar di masing-masing RT/RW tempat domisili siswa. Prosedurnya, setiap siswa yang akan mengikuti Pesantren Ramadhan di Mesjid terdekat tempat tinggal mereka, sebelumnya harus melakukan pendaftaran terlebih dahulu. Sementara untuk tingkat SMU dilaksanakan di sekolah masing-masing. Pesantren Ramadhan ini dilaksanakan selama dua minggu, dimulai pada minggu ke dua Ramadhan hingga seminggu jelang Idul Fitri.

Masuknya bulan suci Ramadhan membuat kegiatan School Visit yang saya lakukan sebagai orangufriends Padang jadi berbeda dengan kegiatan School Visit yang dilakukan teman-teman orangufriends kota lainnya. Meski begitu tak menjadi masalah bagi saya untuk tetap bisa menjalankan salah satu misi sebagi orangufriends yaitu melakukan School Visit. Justru hal ini menjadi tantangan tersendiri untuk bisa berinovasi dalam mempersiapkan strategi school visit. Setelah sebelumnya melakukan survei terlebih dahulu tentang materi apa saja yang diberikan selama kegiatan Pesantren Ramadhan, maka saya pun mendaftarkan diri menjadi salah satu pemateri di Mesjid Baitul Rosyid, Jl. Bronco RT 04 RW 09 Kelurahan Parupuk Tabing Kec. Koto Tangah kota Padang, yang menjadi tempat pelaksanaan Pesantren Ramadhan bagi lebih dari 50 siswa gabungan dari beberapa SD dan SMP yang ada kota Padang. Siswa SD yang mendaftar menjadi santri Pesantren Ramadhan di Mesjid Baitul Rosyid ini diantaranya adalah siswa dari SD Sabbihisma, SD Negeri Percobaan, SD Angkasa, SDN 24 Parupuk Tabing, SDN 6 Ulak Karang dan SDN 26 Air Tawar. Sementara siswa SMP yang mendaftar diantaranya adalah siswa dari SMPN 13 Tabing, SMPN 25 Belanti, SMPN 29 Dadok, MTSN Model, SMP Angkasa dan SMP Pembangunan.

Tak sekedar memberikan materi berupa pengetahuan pengenalan tentang orangutan dan habitatnya kepada para santri, tapi saya juga memberikan beberapa materi tentang kaitan agama dengan alam sekitar dan kondisinya saat ini. Diantaranya adalah mengulas Surat Ar-Rum ayat 41, bercerita sedikit tentang kisah nabi Nuh yang membuat Dek khusus untuk satwa di perahunya, dan menyampaikan HR Thabrani yang berbunyi : “Kasihilah makhluk di bumi, nanti engkau akan dikasihi Yang di langit.” Supaya para santri semangat dan tidak mengantuk dalam menerima materi, sebelum kegiatan dimulai santri – santri tersebut saya ajak dulu untuk mengikuti sebuah permainan “Senam Angka” sebagai pemanasan. Dan sebagai selingan untuk memperkaya pengetahuan mereka, saya juga memutarkan sebuah film inspiratif tentang satwa berjudul “PIPER”, dan membuat gimmick dengan meminta santri untuk dapat menceritakan pembelajaran apa yang bisa dipetik dari film tersebut. Bagi siswa yang berani tampil untuk menyampaikan pandangannya, diberi hadiah berupa stiker.

Selama hampir 4 jam di bagi menjadi dua sesi (2 jam pertama sesi untuk siswa SMP dan 2 jam kedua sesi untuk siswa SD) dari jam 07.30 – 11.30 WIB, saya nikmati kebersamaan bersama para santri sebagai pemateri melalui materi – materi yang saya peroleh dari COP School dan juga merupakan saduran dari berbagai sumber yang saya beri tema : “Manusia, Satwa dan Hubungannya Dengan Keseimbangan Alam”. Yang membuat saya puas adalah, seluruh santri mengikuti alur yang saya buat dengan penuh semangat dan rasa keingin tahuan yang tinggi mengenai orangutan. Pesan moral yang coba saya selipkan dari setiap ulasan atas paparan materi dan tampilan visualisasi yang saya tampilkan adalah, semoga sedari sekarang tertanam dalam diri mereka untuk tidak akan melakukan pengrusakan terhadap alam, sekecil apapun. Karena yang akan terkena imbas dan mengalami kerugian itu sebenarnya bukanlah satwa, tumbuhan atau habitat lainnya yang hidup di alam, melainkan adalah kita sebagai manusia.

Demikianlah, meski sedikit dan kecil setidaknya saya sudah memulai. Semoga langkah kecil yang sudah saya rintis ini kelak akan menjadi langkah-langkah besar yang nyata untuk bisa berbuat dan terlibat langsung dalam bentuk-bentuk upaya penyelamatan orangutan dan satwa liar lainnya. (Nova_COPSchool7)


School Visit kali ini di SD Negeri 1 Petir, Jl. Kalianja No. 1 desa Petir, Kalibagor, Banyumas. Berkolaborasi dengan Agung dan beberapa anggota Himpunan Mahasiswa Bio-Explorer Fakultas Biologi UNSOED yaitu Ganjar, Irda dan Iim, orangufriends Vanny berbagi pengetahuan orangutan di kelas IV dan kelas II SD.

Keriuhan tak bisa dielakkan lagi, saat kostum orangutan memasuki ruangan. Semakin sulit dikendalikan saat Vanny mulai memberi pertanyaan dan reward stiker. Berbeda sekali dengan kunjungan mereka ke TK Pertiwi di kota yang sama dan hari yang sama, 12 Juni 2017 yang lalu. “School Visit selanjutnya dengan murid kelas II dan IV berarti kita harus punya taktik tertentu nih.”, ujar Vanny geleng-geleng kewalahan menghadapi murid-murid yang begitu antusias.

Tak heran, Agung yang mengenakan kostum orangutan sangat senang sekali. Dia menjadi pusat perhatian. “Senang… senang sekali. Aku mau ikutan lagi kalau orangufriends Banyumas bikin kegiatan lagi.”, ujar Agung dengan baju basah karena keringat.

“Bagaimana kalau dilanjutkan dengan school visit ke sekolah lain dan kelas yang lain juga?”, saran kepala sekolah SD Negeri 1 Petir, ibu Purwanti saat school visit berakhir. “Lewat school visit, murid-murid jadi lebih tahu tentang hewan yang dilindungi, kenapa dan bagaimana perlindungan satwa tersebut, terutama orangutan yang ternyata satwa endemik Indonesia.”, lanjut ibu Purwanti.

Ini dia kegiatan orangufriends Banyumas. Walau sedikit dan bekerja sama dengan teman-teman yang lain, ini adalah usaha kami untuk konservasi Indonesia. Kalau kamu? (Vanny_Orangufriends)


Monday morning, Orangufreinds Banyumas, suported by Agung and several Bio-Explorer Student Council member from Faculty of Biology UNSOED: Ganjar, Iim, and Irda, conducted school visit to Pertiwi Kindergarten, Banyumas. The school visit activity’s objective was to introduce wildlife to kids, to stimulate their interest on Indonesian wilflide, especially Orangutan. Through the wildlife, this will also stimualte their nationalism from early age. “The school visit was a very good chance to educate kids from young age, so they will protect the willdlife when they grow older, especially protecting the orangutans,” stated the Headmaster of the Pertiwi Kindergaten Ani Angoyowati. Vanny, Orangufriends Banyumas, excitedly presented the education material. Started from orangutan’s habitat, their food, and their figure. The kids were excited when the orangutan costume, Pongo, entered the room. The students were played, sang, drew and took pictures with Pongo. Agung, the man beneath Pongo costume, was very excited eventhough the costume was very hot and tiring. “it was so much fun being Pongo and play with them,” stated Agung after the school visit ended. (Zahra_Orangufriends)

Senin pagi, Orangufriends Banyumas dibantu Agung dan beberapa anggota Himpunan Mahasiswa Bio-Explorer Fakultas Biologi UNSOED yaitu Ganjar, Iim dan Irda melakukan school visit ke Taman Kanak-kanak Pertiwi, desa Peter, Kalibagor, Banyumas.

Kegiatan school visit mengenalkan satwa liar pada anak-anak sejak kecil diharapkan bisa semakin menarik mereka untuk lebih peduli pada satwa liar khususnya orangutan. Kebanggaan pada satwa asli atau endemik Indonesia ini mungkin bisa meningkatkan cinta tanah air anak-anak sejak usia dini.

“School visit merupakan pembelajaran yang sangat bagus untuk usia dini, agar nantinya bisa menjaga orangutan untuk kelestarian satwa liar.”, ujar kepala sekolah TK Pertiwi, ibu Ani Angoyowati.

Vanny, orangufriends banyumas dengan semangat berbagi materi tentang orangutan. Dimulai dari habitat orangutan, makanan hingga bentuk orangutan dan kemunculan kostum orangutan semakin menarik perhatian anak-anak.

Bersama si Pongo, siswa-siswi diajak bermain, bernyanyi, menggambar dan foto bersama. Agung yang berperan sebagai Pongo pun menjadi senang walau kepanasan dan lelah mengikuti kelincahan anak-anak TK ini. “Senang sekali bisa jadi Pongo… bermain bersama mereka.”, ujar Agung usai school visit berakhir. (Vanny_Orangufriends)


Semangat… semangat… panitia Art For Orangutan 2016 mulai memasang karya. Dengan bermodal petunjuk dari seniman yang mengirim karya tersebut, beberapa karya berhasil dipasang. Namun tak jarang, karya dikirim tanpa petunjuk, sampai akhirnya, panitia menghubungi kembali seniman untuk menanyakannya.

Di sinilah, awal cerita lucu itu mampir. Saat pameran berlangsung, seniman yang mengirimkan karya pada berdatangan dari Jakarta, Ciamis, Bali dan Yogyakarta melihat karya mereka dipajang. Ada satu orang yang lama sekali berada di depan sebuah lukisan. Orangufriends (kelompok pendukung Centre for Orangutan Protection) yang saat itu bertugas menghampirinya. Cerita punya cerita, ternyata itu adalah karyanya. Dan karyanya dipasang terbalik. Glodak!!! Spontan orangufriends meminta maaf atas kesalahan pemasangan. Namun karena pameran sedang berlangsung dan banyaknya pengunjung, kesalahan pemasangan tidak dapat langsung diperbaiki. Panitia pun berjanji untuk memperbaiki seusai acara hari kedua pameran. Malam itu, panitia belajar tentang sebuah karya abstrak. Mungkin AFO berikutnya, seniman wajib mengirimkan posisi karya saat dipasang.

Beberapa panitia tidur di ruang pameran. Pagi ini kebetulan Ramadhani, direktur operasional COP yang bertugas. Sembari olahraga dengan menyapu ruangan, Dhani begitu sapaan sehari-harinya melihat seorang bapak-bapak yang masuk ke ruangan pameran. Mungkin sekitar 50-60 tahun, kakek mungkin tepatnya. Siapakah kakek ini?

Owh, ternyata dia jauh-jauh dari Jawa Barat ke Yogya untuk melihat pameran ini. Tepatnya melihat karya nya berada di pameran Art For Orangutan 2. Ini adalah keikutsertaannya yang kedua kalinya. Karya seni memang menabrak ruang usia. Peduli pada orangutan Indonesia? Ngak cuman seniman muda donk… Usai berkeliling, si kakek pun pamit pulang, mengejar bis siang ke Ciamis.

Siang itu, muncul ibu-ibu paruh baya di ruangan pameran. Dari logat bicaranya, sepertinya orang Jakarta. Wah… pameran Art For Orangutan memang punya magnet tersendiri. Tapi kenapa si cucu yang menemaninya terlihat bingung? O… o… ternyata… si ibu dulunya kuliah di ISI Yogyakarta. Ruang pameran yang digunakan AFO adalah ruang kuliahnya dulu. Si ibu pun bernostalgia. Sementara ruang kuliah Seni Rupa sendiri sudah lama pindah ke gedung yang berbeda.

Sore ini terlihat lebih semarak. Serombongan perempuan cantik masuk ke ruangan pameran. Apa yang menarik? Ternyata karya mereka terpajang di sisi dinding pameran AFO. Ada satu temannya yang terlihat dibully. Ha… ha… ha… dia menghargai karyanya dengan harga yang menurut temannya mahal sekali.

Diiringi musik sayup-sayup, masuk satu keluarga ke dalam ruang pameran. Perempuan dengan rambut panjang menunjuk satu karya pada bapaknya. Owh, karya yang halus sekali. Mereka sekeluarga, datang dari Jakarta untuk melihat karya putrinya dipamerkan.

Art For Orangutan adalah pameran yang muncul dari ekspresi kepedulian seniman pada lingkungannya terutama orangutan. Ancaman orangutan dituangkan pada sebuah karya seni tanpa batas. Seperti karya multi dimensi senapan angin yang dikirimkan. Tak sebatas usia dewasa saja, namun kunjungan anak SD pun menjadi paham setelah melihat hasil karya lintas usia, budaya dan agama dari Art For Orangutan. (bersambung).


Art For Orangutan adalah suatu event dari kreatifitas kelompok pendukung Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP). Event yang sudah berlangsung sebanyak dua kali ini meninggalkan cerita menarik yang mengharukan, lucu hingga membuat orang menantikan kapan Art For Orangutan akan dilaksanakan lagi. Ini semua tak lepas dari kerja keras dari Gigi Nyala, I AM Project dan teman-teman seniman lainnya. Tak sekedar pameran karya seni, tapi usaha menjaring kepedulian kita pada lingkungan terutama satwa liar orangutan.

“H-10 nih! Baru 2 karya yang masuk. Gimana nih? Kalau ngak ada karya yang masuk dengan ruangan pameran yang lebih besar dari AFO tahun 2014, akan kita isi apa?”, pikir Ramadhani, direktur operasional COP.

“Tenang-tenang… banyak nih yang belum selesai. Biasanya karya akan datang di hari yang sangat dekat acara. Kebiasaan nih.”, ujar Ivan si punggawa Gigi Nyala.

Benar saja, tujuh hari sebelum acara, satu persatu karya berdatangan dari luar kota. Jakarta, Bali, Makasar, Kalimantan, Sumatera bahkan dari Australia. Rumah tempat mengumpulkan karya pun menjadi penuh dan begitu sibuknya. Panitia yang ikut mengirimkan karya sampai tak punya waktu menyelesaikan karyanya. Sampai ada yang hingga hari akhir pengumpulan, karyanya baru selesai, dengan cat yang masih basah sampai di camp APE Warrior, Yogyakarta.

Sesampainya karya, masih dalam bungkus, satu persatu di foto. Pertama kali dibuka bungkusnya, difoto lagi, hingga akhirnya karya keluar dari bungkusnya, semua terdokumentasi. Sikap profesional Gigi Nyala untuk menghargai setiap karya patut diancungi jempol.

Kehati-hatian para panitia memperlakukan sebuah karya tak lepas dari pengalaman Art For Orangutan pertama. Tak jarang, bingkai kaca yang dikirim peserta hancur selama pengiriman. Kaca yang tipis, pemaketan yang kurang pelindung menjadikan karya tidak sempurna sampai di tangan panitia. Dengan dokumentasi yang detil, panitia akan mengkomunikasikan, kecacatan atau kejanggalan karya, termasuk jika ada yang harus diganti seperti kaca atau bingkai.

Karya yang masuk naik 50% dari tahun 2014. Jenis karya pun semakin bervariasi. Tidak terbatas pada ukuran maupun dimensi. Untuk mengangkut karya ke ruang pameran dari rumah pengumpulan karya, tak cukup satu hari. Hujan pun tak mau kalah untuk semakin merepotkan panitia. Dengan mobil box, dengan penuh kehati-hatian saat menyetirnya, akhirnya karya sampai di ruang pameran. (bersambung).


Social media has always been a good way of getting the message across to the world just by a click. Before coming to COP Borneo, I always thought it was “cool” saving the orangutan because you get to be on the media and all. Little did I realize that this was more than a hero’s job and how endless and tireless the team works. Listening to Linus and Reza story me about the rescue missions and behaviors of these beautiful brown souls only fueled me up even more to want to work in this field. The team is more of a family than just keepers, vets and team leaders. I helped them clean the cages to know what it’s like to be a keeper because I have always believed that it is important to know wildlife from scratch. No one earns their way up by not knowing the basics and that definitely includes cage cleaning.

Saving the orangutans I believe is the bridge to saving the forest and the life it contains and perhaps, humanity too. How can we allow destruction to a species that are in so many ways, just like us? Has greed consumed so much for our growing population that we tend to forget these simple and important things in life? Poaching these wildlife to keep them as pets or sell them to the wildlife trade is as mean as it can get. This is merely taking something that does not belong to us. Clearing the land for palm oil plantation and coal mining and not taking responsibility that has caused harm upon the homes of these animals? That is purely selfish. When there are those who destroy the forest, always remember there will always be good, dedicated, hardworking and responsible people who will keep fighting against it. We have to wake up before we lose our forest forever to the hands of irresponsible people.

When you have spent long enough with an orangutan or any other species of animal, you will realize that we are not planet earths only thinking species. With the dwindling number of Orangutans in the wild and them now being an endangered species, I personally think it’s important for everyone to help and protect them and the other wildlife as well. We need to stop saying “Let them do it” and realize that each of us play a part in their survival.

Am extremely thankful to have attended COP school and to be able to know and keep myself updated with the current status and issues of wildlife and conservation. I would personally like to thank the Captain of Ape Guardian, Paulinus Kristianto, the Captain of Ape Defender, Reza, Drh Ade, Wety, Uci and the whole team who have taught me so much about the meaning of conservation and what it truly means to be dedicated in fighting for the wildlife, forest and the people. I have learned more than just veterinary medicine. I saw the strength of team work and hard work. Thank you for teaching me the essentials of conservation. Come time, I hope to work alongside with these amazing and dedicated people.

To come together and work as one, I believe everyone should hold this quote deeply.
 “Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors ~ Andrew Boyd” 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Charisha_Orangufriends)


Ovie Ariesta atau lebih dikenal dengan Oppie Andaresta adalah musisi yang memiliki kepedulian sosial dan lingkungan hidup. Rabu, 26 April 2017, tepat pada Hari Buku Sedunia, tampil pada Expo & Forum Energi Efficiency di Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan untuk menyajikan album barunya yang mengambil tema sungai, air dan hutan serta orangutan. Bahkan salah satu judul lagu dalam album ini adalah Orangutan. Isi buku dan CD album diilhami dari perjalanan Oppie keliling Indonesia memberikan edukasi untuk anak-anak.

Oppie menyumbangkan 100% keuntungan dari penjualan album yang diberi nama Lagu Dari Tepian Sungai untuk Centre for Orangutan Protection. Hingga saat ini, album Anak Tepian Sungai yang digarapnya bersama Suara Anak Bumi tersedia di iTunes dan sudah terjual 1000 copy. “Untuk kamu yang peduli orangutan, langsung beli albumnya ya.”, ujar Hong June, relawan COP yang berasal dari Korea Selatan.

Sebelumnya, Oppie pernah manggung di acara konser musik amal tahunan Sound For Orangutan 2014 di Rolling Stone Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan. Sound For Orangutan adalah kombinasi unik antara musik, photo exhibition, video screening dan fundraising juga penyadartahuan tentang orangutan dan habitatnya. Musisi yang tampil dan yang terlibat rela tidak dibayar karena kepedulian mereka untuk membantu orangutan Indonesia.

Siapa bilang, orang Indonesia tidak peduli satwa liarnya. Mari bersama, bangga pada keanekaragaman hayatinya. Indonesia, peduli orangutan.


I started off my journey to Kalimantan shouldering that curiosity. Shortly before landing, I saw the lush green forest of Kalimantan for miles and miles away. A sight that I have seen in National Geography. There were also a number of coal mines that I saw from above. The drive from the airport to the base camp of Ape Defender was around an hour and a half. It was very exciting when I was briefed about the forest by the Captain of Ape Defender, Paulinus. Up until he told me, that coal, once they start burning, it takes years before they burn out and even rain water cannot stop them from burning, I did not know. That is how forest fires happen. A fact that I just found out!

Upon reaching the COP Borneo base camp, I was not only greeted by the team who worked there but also a number of wild hornbills who flew high above the skies which instantly put a smile on my face. The following day, I was introduced to the beautiful orangutans who were inhabitants of the rehabilitation centre. There were Michelle and Uci who stayed in one enclosure. Michelle I came to realize was slightly cheekier compared to Uci. Next, I was introduced to Bonti and Owi. These two little ones are able to make their own nest in forest school. There were Septi and Happi. Septi acts as a surrogate mother to Happi. Memo, a female orangutan that cannot be released back into the wild because she has been diagnosed with Hepatitis. There was Debby who loves pulling anything that is close to her cage. Therefore, she is one of those orangutans whom one has to be aware of while working with. I was then introduced to Ambon, a handsome male orangutan. Dandy, a sunbear that was also rescued resided there together with the orangutans. Last but not least, Popi, the sweetheart of the team at COP Borneo and social media.

These orangutans were all rescued and are going through rehabilitation before they can be released back to the wild. It is not an easy process but with a team of committed and dedicated people who want a brighter future for these souls, it is worth all the time and effort. Daily activities at COP Borneo comprises of feeding the orangutans twice a day, cleaning their cages and giving medicine or immune boost for the orangutans that are unwell or weak. The orangutans are fed watermelon, Salak fruit, bananas, pumpkins, oranges, and papayas.

As a vet intern, I followed drh. Ade for daily rounds. As a vet I learned it is important to observe the eating habit of the orangutan during feeding time. By observing their eating habit, it is possible to determine if they are healthy or unwell which is vital for the care of an orangutan. I also learned the technique of drawing blood from an orangutan during a routine physical examination that was done during my intern there. The many things performed during a routine physical examination were measuring the length of their body from head to legs. This is done for identification purpose and to also monitor their growth from time to time.

The fun part was trying to get the little ones, Owi, Bonti, Happi and Popi their fingerprints for data purposes. Owi refused to have his fingers borrowed for the prints and we all had a good time of trying and forcing him as well as Bonti and Happi. It was very much easier getting Uci and Michelle’s fingerprints! They were so willing and cooperated well. It was then that I realized much more than before that they each had characters and personality. I also learned the different types of sedatives used to sedate an orangutan and methods of handling a sedated orangutan. Drh Ade was very kind enough to teach and allow me to draw blood from Dandy, the rescued sun bear at COP Borneo.
There was a very special bond that I think I was truly blessed to witness during my intern. It was between Wety and Popi. Popi, who lost her mother at a tender young age and was fortunately rescued by the team and Wety, a young videographer from the island of Java who volunteered to be Popi’s babysitter. From the outside world, it is easy for an individual to say “Aww so cute, can I take a picture with an orangutan?” Do they really know how a baby ends up at a rehab centre? Sadly, many are still ignorant to this vital fact. I used to love watching how Popi clung on to Wety. Literally, Wety was her mom.

Popi needed 24 hour around the clock care. Feeding times were 8 times a day. If someone else was taking care of Popi and Wety walked passed, Popi would start crying wanting Wety to carry her. Tirelessly, Wety would prepare Popi’s milk daily and would teach her how to hang on ropes and small branches. As safe as it was, Popi never liked it and always cried. I admired how Wety was so patient in teaching Popi how to be an orangutan. They had a language of their own. It was called love. Popi’s place of comfort was in Wety’s arms. Never had I met such a person personally who had dedicated her time to baby sit this little one.

I had an opportunity to baby sit Popi one day when Wety was called on a videographer duty at the nearby village. When Popi cried wee hours in the morning, I mixed milk and fed her. Next morning I woke up to the hot water flask being left opened. Only then did I realized I was half asleep mixing her milk the previous night and forgot to close the flask and I laughed to myself for being silly. When she cried again around afternoon and I went close to her, she immediately held her hands up to me to be carried and that was a priceless moment for me. It was my first time having her cling on me. I smiled inside and then prepared her milk.

The excitement on getting into a tiny little boat was great. ‘Way Back Home’, that was what the boat was called. It transports us to the island monitoring post. This is a small cabin in the midst of the cocoa plantation that overlooks the pre-release island where 10 orangutans were stationed. This island is where these pre-release candidates survive all by themselves and make nest and learn survival skills from each other. This island is monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by the team. I was fortunate enough to be able to partake in the monitoring of the orangutans as well doing a physical examination on one orangutan that was slightly less active than the rest of them. Thankfully he was alright and there was nothing to worry about him. (Charisha_Orangufriends)

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