Siswa COP School Batch 6 ini akhirnya berkesempatan menjadi relawan di pusat rehabilitasi orangutan COP Borneo, Kalimantan Timur. COP School adalah kesempatan untuk mengenal dunia konservasi orangutan yang dilaksanakan setiap tahun. Untuk ikut berpartisipasi, calon siswa melalui beberapa tahapan termasuk belajar secara jarak jauh dan mandiri. Savira Aulia adalah siswa yang beruntung bisa terlibat aktif.

Orangufriends Jawa Timur, tepatnya Surabaya memiliki kegiatan besar untuk mendukung perlindungan orangutan, khususnya COP Borneo. Melalui acara musik amal Sound For Orangutan, orangufriends Surabaya berencana menggalang dana untuk membeli tanah yang akan digunakan sebagai kebun buah. Kebun buah yang diharapkan bisa memenuhi kebutuhan pakan orangutan di COP Borneo.

Saul, panggilan akrabnya menjadi paham rutinitas di pusat rehabilitasi. Mahasiswa Ilmu Lingkungan Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) ini setiap pagi membuat susu untuk bayi orangutan, membersihkan kandang orangutan hingga membantu kegiatan di pos pantau.

“Keterlibatan Saul membuat kami di COP Borneo lebih bersemangat.”, ujar Reza Kurniawan, Manajer pusat rehabilitasi orangutan pertama yang didirikan putra putri asli Indonesia. Ini adalah kepedulian nyata orang Indonesia. “Pastikan kamu yang di Surabaya terlibat kegiatan orangfriends Surabaya ya!”, seru Saul.


Rasa penasaran itu membawaku sampai di COP Borneo. Memberanikan diri keluar dari zona nyaman, hidup di tengah hutan tanpa aliran listrik, tanpa sinyal telepon 24 jam penuh, jauh dari air bersih dan keterbatasan lainnya. Di sinilah saya memilih menjadi relawan selama satu bulan saja.

Tiba di bandara Kalimarau, Berau, Kalimantan Timur, saya disambut dengan suasana baru, kehidupan baru, rutinitas baru, orang-orang baru dan tentunya cuaca yang baru juga. Hanya dengan melihat teman-teman hebat di sana bekerja, saya menjadi mengerti arti loyalitas terhadap pekerjaan yang sesungguhnya karena mereka bekerja dengan hati atas dasar kecintaannya terhadap orangutan.

COP Borneo memberikan banyak hal yang untuk pertama kalinya saya rasakan dalam hidup saya. Bekerja di pusat rehabilitasi orangutan mulai dari memberi pakan, sekolah hutan, membuat susu dan membersihkan kandang orangutan. Edukasi ke sekolah minggu dan sekolah lokal di desa Merasa juga menjadi pengalaman berharga buat saya. Patroli pulau pra rilis orangutan menggunakan ketinting adalah pengalaman seru meyusuri sungai kelay. Tak lupa mencuci perahu yang merupakan hasil kerja keras orangufriends di acara musik amal Sound for Orangutan. Dan untuk pertama kalinya juga, saya merasa jengkel pada satwa langka. Ya… si burung rangkong badak itu. Dia dengan nakalnya mencuri buah di gudang pakan dan dengan beraninya menyerang saya.

Tinggal di hutan dengan teman-teman yang ‘seiman’ amat menyenangkan. Satu bulan terasa sangat sebentar. Inilah yang membuat saya memutuskan untuk menambah 3 minggu lagi… dan ternyata masih kurang. Saya menyesal tidak mengambil keputusan menjadi relawan selama 3 bulan dari awal perjanjian. Tetapi, saya akan lebih menyesal jika tidak pernah datang ke COP Borneo sama sekali. (Hedi_COPSchool7)


Nowadays, orangutans are not known by many Chinese people. Opposite to popularity of orangutans in China, palm oil is widely used in China.

In the past five months, Indonesian total palm oil production is 151,100,000 tons. Compare to last year, 2016, this production increased thirty-five percent. During those years, Indonesia produce more and more palm oil. Also, as one of the biggest importing country, China is going to import around 5,600,000 tons of palm oil this year. This is about one third of Indonesian palm oil production in the first half year of 2017. And this number also increases every year.

What’s more, China takes part in producing palm oil as well. In China, there are several international palm oil companies, such as Ju Long. In Indonesia, many Singapore and Malaysian palm oil companies’ major shareholders are ethnic Chinese as well. This means, China is not only the main consumer but also one of the primary players of palm oil business in the world and it is unconsciously influencing and damaging orangutans.

In China, we have pop stars, like Jackie Chan, broadcast about the importance of protecting wild animals and advocate people not to buy animal products. However, although they indeed call for guarding wildlife, such as tigers, sharks and so on, they pay little attention to orangutans. Before I became a member of this volunteer work, I had never heard of orangutans, so do people surround me. From the other hand, this may be a good thing because Chinese people can start from origin point to involving themselves into orangutan protection. According to former examples, public advocate is one of the most useful ways. Since Jackie Chan said, ‘No trade will bring no kill. Please do not buy any tiger products.’, the number of tiger products trade has begun to decrease. In the same way, the prospect of orangutan protection in China is very optimistic.

We, our group of six, plan to cooperate with COP members. Since orangutans are not well-known in China, we decide to use our videos which are made of resources we collected in Indonesia to advocate and hold a crowdfunding in Shanghai after we go back. The money we find will be donated to COP to support their assistance of orangutans. Also, through our crowdfunding and speech, we wish the publicity of orangutans in China can be set up.

I am not sure how much help could we bring, but maybe our participation is just the beginning of more Chinese being more involved in orangutan conservation. And that would mean something subtle but significant. (Zi Chen, Jiawei Yang_Orangufriends)


I learned about a lot of knowledge of orangutans and COP’s work, even some details that I cannot get from Internet. With deeper comprehensions, numerous thoughts are triggered.

“If we do not do this, then who will?” Reza briskly said. His words were like slight wind, soon ended, but echoed in my brain for a long time. During the seven days we spent with COP members, I saw their love and devotion to orangutans. They are fighters who bravely fight with people who are hurting orangutans, they are families who carefully pay attention to lonely baby orangutans, they are helpers who selflessly help orangutans recover from disasters they experienced. They refuse to accept funds from palm oil companies even though sometimes they face financial problems, one time they had no money for salary. But even in this situation, COP members still took care of every rescued orangutan. These kind characteristics are that I have never seen before from any NGO.

Reza showed us many pictures of orangutans, some of them been well looked after by COP and some of them been badly hurt by workers of palm oil companies. I remember the photo of head of a dead male orangutan most impressively. His eyes closed tightly and his face became less reddish. No-name killer put his head on soil. No forest and vegetation surrounded him. There was only a layer of dirt on his big, alpha face. I could not stop myself from thinking of his majestic appearance when he was alive. I could not stop imaging the moment of his death. Before his eyes are closed forever, did they reflect hate towards humans, sadness for ending of life, or pray for maybe escape? He would have no chance to tell. And we are never going to know about it.

I cannot help myself think about the relationship between human and nature, justice and profits. As we know, COP is the one of the only NGOs which have no economical connections with palm oil companies, even though they will be offered a huge amount of money. “All of us, we do this job because we love orangutans. Money is not really that important to us. One thing we valued is orangutans’ safety and happiness.” That is what Reza told us. And that is what part of COP is unique and heart-warming. Unfortunately, only by hard-working NGO members’ efforts to save orangutans is not enough. Those palm oil companies only have their profits in mind and neglect wildlife, especially orangutans. They are selfish and cold. But one day, when last forest is destroyed by palm oil company, how many orangutans have died? What appearance our earth will be? And how much money they are able to make in the future? Answers are definitely negative. (Zi Chen, Jiawei Yang_Orangufriends)


“It is our Indonesian’s orangutans, why are we always seeing white people doing protection?,” says Reza, leader of APE Defender of COP, with his eyes glittering, ‘Why do we Indonesians, we yellow race, rarely take part in protecting Orangutans, Sapiens of our forests?’ His words indeed impressed me and made me ponder whether there are roles for us Chinese people as well that we should take.

Decades ago, Kalimantan Island had a forest coverage rate of eighty percent. However, in the middle of the 1980s, forest area in Kalimantan extensively decreased twenty-five percent and it kept the annual decreasing area of 1.3 billion hectares. This means orangutans’ living habitat was disappearing at the same speed and most of the destroyed area had been used for planting palm trees. Because of covering of palm oil plantation, orangutans lose their major resource of food. Sometimes they are so hungry that they come into palm tree forests and eat small palm trees, their only food coming. As a result, palm oil companies called orangutans as ‘pests’ and found excuses to brutally kill them.

Till 2016, the number of orangutans has decreased around sixty percent. Under this situation, Hardi, once worked as an assistant to Lone Droscher Nielsen at the Nyarumenteng Orangutan Reintroduction Centre/ BOSF (Borneo Orangutan Survive Foundation), set up COP (Center of Orangutan Protection) to fight directly with palm oil plantation companies and save orangutans. Despise the risk of being arrested, COP members enter palm oil plantation to collect evidences of orangutans being killed. In this way, those palm oil companies will have no chance to sell their palm oil because they cannot get permits from RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil). Also, COP members visit schools, organize exhibitions, and hold concerts to attract more people to pay attention to orangutans. Their advocates are an essential part of orangutan protection.

As a member of the first Chinese volunteer groups to visit COP Borneo in August 2017, we stayed there for a week. We studied orangutans’ situation, made activity space for baby orangutans, prepared food for orangutans in island, and observed orangutans’ daily. (Zi Chen, Jiawei Yang_Orangufriends)


Sabtu, 19 Agustus 2017 bertepatan dengan hari orangutan sedunia. Orangufriends Aceh bersama mahasiswa yang peduli nasib dan kondisi orangutan saat ini melakukan aksi penyadartahuan kepada siswa tingkat sekolah menengah atas, membagikan stiker gratis yang bertema “Year of Freedom”.

Kegiatan seperti ini biasanya disebut school visit. School visit di SMA Negeri 2 Meulaboh, Aceh Barat bertujuan menginformasikan dan mengajak siswa untuk lebih mengenal kondisi orangutan yang merupakan satwa endemik Indonesia.

“Ini adalah kegiatan yang baru bagi kami. Dan melihat ketiga anak muda yang penuh semangat ini berbagi pengetahuan tentang orangutan, ancaman orangutan dan habitatnya termasuk penyebab kebakaran hutan dan dunia konservasi satwa lainnya, membuat kami sadar tentang pentingnya menyelamatkan orangutan.”, ujar guru geografi itu terharu.

Di akhir kegiatan ada salah satu siswa yang mendekat lalu bertanya, “Kak, bagaimana caranya jika saya ingin menjadi relawan untuk menyelamatkan orangutan di Indonesia khususnya di Sumatera?”.

“Ada banyak cara yang bisa kita lakukan untuk menyelamatkan orangutan. Hal yang paling mudah adalah menyebarkan informasi seluas-luasnya kepada siapapun tentang pentingnya menjaga dan melestarikan orangutan dan habitatnya.”, jawab Desti Ariani, orangufriends Aceh.

“Kami dari SMA Negeri 2 Meulaboh, peduli akan nasib orangutan. Save orangutan and Happy International Orangutan Day!!!”, seru para siswa dan guru-guru dengan terikan lantang dan penuh semangat. (Desti_COPSchool7).


In commermorating World Orangutan DAy in 2017, orangufriends Malang held a community visit activity on Monday (21/8). World Orangutan Day or World Orangutan DAy (WOD) is actually celebrated on August 19, but the ceremony was forced to be postponed because it adjusted the agenda of each community visited. These communites are Earth Hour (EH) Malang and the Brawijaya University Student Association of Nature Lovers (IMPALA).

This year the Center for Orangutan Protection (COP) carries the theme “Year of Freedom”, because this year COP will release its first orangutan. Therefore, the community visit theme is taken in addition to discussing the material of orangutan and also disseminating good news from COP Borneo about “Year of Freedom”. “This theme is important for us Malang’s Orangufriends because we believe that everyone involved in COP and Orangufriends has long been working wholeheartedly for this moment, and that day really deserves to be greeted with joy.” said Algriawan Bayu, Orangufriends Malang.

This Community visit is also the beginning of Posuf’s Malang positive relation with local communities. With the relationship built, we are confident that more young people will understand how important is to keep orangutans and their habitats and other wildlife. We also believe that what we have delivered in this activity will continue to spread as a message of kindness. There is one thing that we all agree on from this activity, whoever we are and from whichever asala (community), as long as we have one goal for the environtment, we are brothers. (Dhea_Orangufriends)

Dalam rangka memperingati Hari Orangutan Sedunia tahun 2017, Orangufriends Malang mengadakan kegiatan community visit pada hari Senin (21/8). Hari Orangutan Sedunia atau World Orangutan Day (WOD) sejatinya dirayakan pada tanggal 19 Agustus, namun seremoni ini terpaksa diundur karena menyesuaikan agenda masing-masing komunitas yang dikunjungi. Ada pun komunitas-komunitas tersebut adalah Earth Hour (EH) Malang dan Ikatan Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam (IMPALA) Universitas Brawijaya.

Pada tahun ini Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) membawa tema “Year of Freedom”, sebab tahun ini juga COP akan melakukan release orangutan pertamanya. Maka dari itu tema community visit yang diambil pun selain membahas materi orangutan dan juga menyebarluaskan kabar baik dari COP Borneo tentang “Year of Freedom”. “Tema ini menjadi penting bagi kami orangufriends Malang karena kami percaya bahwa semua orang yang terlibat dalam COP maupun Orangufriends sejak lama telah bekerja dengan sepenuh hati untuk datangnya momen ini. Dan hari itu sungguh layak disambut dengan gembira.”, ujar Algriawan Bayu, Orangufriends Malang.

Community visit ini juga menjadi awal dari relasi positif Orangufriends Malang dengan komunitas-komunitas lokal. Dengan adanya relasi yang dibangun, kami yakin akan lebih banyak lagi generasi muda yang mengerti dan memahami betapa pentingnya hal menjaga orangutan dan habitatnya serta satwa liar lainnya. Kami juga yakin bahwa apa yang telah kami sampaikan dalam kegiatan ini akan terus mereka sebarluaskan sebagai sebuah pesan kebaikan. Ada satu hal yang kami semua sepakati dari kegiatan ini, siapapun kita dan dari manapun asala (komunitas) nya, selama kita punya satu tujuan untuk lingkungan, kita saudara. (Bayu_Orangufriends)


Sunday, August 20th 2017 in the big roundabout Palangka Raya a routine activities CFD (Car Free DAy) looks crowded like the previous weeks but there is a different in this week CFD, What is it ?

There is one Orangufriends member who is a supporter of the COP (Center for Orangutan Protection) with friends from Kimpala go down directly on the street carrying posters that read “Year of Freedom” while handiong out free stickers for Palangka Raya city residents.

While getting stickers, residents were wondering about orangutan and COP. Not a few who deliberately approached to ask for a sticker. 

This action is done as a celebration of World Orangutan Day or World Day of Orangutan which is commemorated on August 19 every year. It is expected that with this activity, it can raise awareness of Palangka Raya city residents in maintaining the survival of orangutans and their habitat. 

“Thank God, this action is welcomed by the citizens and young people her,” said Diska Anshari, a student of COP School Batch 7. This activity is also a marker that orangufriends still exist in Palangkaraya and hopefully in the future can open the eyes of young people of Central Kalimantan to participate directly in the preservation of orangutan life in Indonesia (Dhea_Orangufriends)

Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017 kegiatan rutin CFD (Car Free Day) di bundaran besar Palangka Raya terlihat ramai seperti pekan-pekan sebelumnya namun ada yang berbeda di pekan ini, apa itu?

Ada satu anggota orangufriends yang merupakan pendukung COP (Centre for Orangutan Protection) bersama teman-teman dari Kimpala turun langsung ke jalan membawa poster yang bertuliskan “Year Of Freedom” sambil membagikan stiker gratis untuk warga kota Palangka Raya.

Sambil mendapatkan stiker, warga pun bertanya-tanya tentang orangutan dan COP. Tak sedikit yang sengaja menghampiri untuk meminta stiker secara langsung.

Aksi ini dilakukan sebagai perayaan World Orangutan Day atau Hari Orangutan Sedunia yang diperingati pada 19 Agustus setiap tahunnya. Diharapkan dengan adanya kegiatan ini, bisa membangkitkan kesadaran warga kota Palangka Raya dalam menjaga kelangsungan hidup orangutan beserta habitatnya.

“Syukurlah aksi ini disambut baik oleh warga dan anak muda di sini.”, ucap Diska Anshari, siswa COP School Batch 7. Kegiatan ini juga sebagai penanda bahwa orangufriends masih tetap eksis di Palangka Raya dan semoga kedepannya bisa turut membuka mata anak muda Kalimantan Tengah agar ikut terjun secara langsung dalam menjaga kelestarian hidup orangutan di Indonesia (Diska_Orangufriends)


Distance is not an obstacle for Orangufriends. Orangufriends are volunteers that support the protection of orangutans and their habitat in Centre for Orangutan Protection. Different background and age is not a barrier for them. Through World Orangutan Day Event, they work closely with each other to celebrate the World Orangutan day, August 19th 2017.

Stickers designed by Diska Anshari from Palangka Raya, located in Kalimantan Island, was distributed to students in Aceh, located in Sumatera Island. On Car free day in Palangkaraya, the citizens were enthusiastic about the stickers too. Not only in Sumatera and Kalimantan, Orangufriends in Java also created their own way to celebrate the Wolrd Orangutan Day. Orangufriends Bandung and Purwokerto also held a socialisation session in Car Free Day event in their own town, ready to educate the citizen about the endangered orangutans.

Orangufriends Padang even held a school visit. They prepared a road show to celebrate Wolrd Orangutan Day: from talkshow in Classy FM, school visit, campus visit, to musical dialog. This musical dialog were attended by COP founder, Zal Puteh (humanist, artist, and environmental activist), and collaboration with various organisation and communities. “Conservation is collaboration,” stated Hery Susanto, one of COP founder.

In August 21st, Orangufriends Malang was scheduled to hold a road show to communities to share the spirit of conservation for orangutan and their habitat. “COP rarely creates ceremonial event. For this year’s World Orangutan Day, we informed Orangufriends about it. Orangufriends responded with various activities. They coordinated, planned, and executed their own event with their own creativity. We are so proud of the events created by Orangufriends Aceh, Padang, Purwokerto, Bandung, Malang and Palangka Raya,” stated Ramadhani, COP’s communication manager.

In another occasion, Hardi Baktiantoro stated, “Orangufriends, you are so awesome! Many organisations envied us. The spirit of Orangufriends is the spirit of COP. COP is big because of Orangufriends.” (Zahra_Orangufriends)

Lokasi yang memisahkan mereka tak jadi halangan. Itulah Orangufriends. Orangufriends adalah relawan yang mendukung perlindungan orangutan dan habitatnya di Centre for Orangutan Protection. Latar belakang maupun usia tak menjadikan mereka berbeda. Lewat World Orangutan Day Event, mereka bahu membahu memperingati Hari Orangutan Sedunia yang jatuh pada tanggal 19 Agustus 2017.

Desain stiker dari Diska Anshari yang berada di Palangka Raya sampai ke tangan para siswi di ujung utara pulau sumatera, yaitu Aceh. Stiker itu pula yang menjadi rebutan warga yang hadir di acara Car Free Day Palangka Raya di hari berikutnya. Tak hanya di pulau Sumatera maupun Kalimantan. Orangufriends yang berada di pulau Jawa pun tak mau ketinggalan. Orangufriends Bandung dan Purwokerto pun turun di acara Car Free Day sambil membawa poster dan siap memberi informasi tentang orangutan dan habitatnya yang semakin terancam.

Kunjungan ke sekolah atau yang sering disebut school visit juga hadir di Padang. Orangufriends Padang bahkan mempersiapkan rangkaian acara untuk memperingati Hari Orangutan Sedunia 2017 ini. Mulai dari talk show di radio Classy FM, school visit, campus visit sampai Dialog Musikal di cafe dengan menghadirkan pendiri COP, Zal Puteh yang merupakan budayawan, seniman dan aktivis lingkungan asal Aceh serta kolaborasi oraganisasi dan kelompok lainnya. “Ya kerja konservasi adalah kerja bersama.”, ujar Hery Susanto, salah satu pendiri COP menegaskan.

Bahkan di tanggal 21 Agustus nya, Orangufriends Malang berencana masuk dari satu komunitas ke komunitas lainnya untuk menularkan semangat perlindungan orangutan dan habitatnya yang merupakan asal muasal COP berdiri.

“COP jarang sekali membuat acara ceremonial. Sementara untuk memperingati Hari Orangutan Sedunia ini, kami memberitahu para orangufriends. Orangufriends yang merupakan para pendukung COP ini, merespon dengan berbagai kegiatan. Mereka mengkoordinir, merencanakan dan mengemas acara dengan kreatifitas masing-masing kota. Jadilah perayaan yang membanggakan dari Aceh, Padang, Purwokerto, Bandung, Malang dan Palangka Raya.”, ujar Ramadhani, manajer komunikasi COP.

Dalam kesempatan terpisah, Hardi Baktiantoro yang merupakan pendiri COP menyampaikan, ”Kalian hebat, Orangufriends! Kalian bikin iri banyak organisasi orangutan lainnya. Semangat orangufriends adalah semangat COP. COP besar karena orangufriends.”. (YUN)


Tahun ini, Centre for Orangutan Protection hadir lagi di ACICIS NGO Fair 2017. ACICIS (Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies adalah non-profit konsorsium di Yogyakarta yang beranggotakan 24 universitas yang berada di negara Australia, Selandia Baru, Inggris dan Belanda. ACICIS pada setiap semester memfasilitasi mahasiswa asing yang menjadi anggota konsorsium untuk menjalani studi selama satu atau dua semester di instansi pendidikan Indonesia seperti Univestitas Gajah Mada (UGM), Universitas Sanata Dharma dan Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII Yogyakarta).

Para mahasiswa ACICIS ini akan berkontribusi dengan lembaga lain seperti LSM atau organisasi lokal sebagai sukarelawan. COP sejak tahun 2013 sudah terbantu dengan bergabungnya para mahasiswa ACICIS ini. Relawan ini membantu dalam bentuk menterjemahkan artikel COP, ada juga yang fundraising, mereka juga melakukan kunjungan ke sekolah (school visit) maupun kegiatan pendidikan dan penyadartahuan tentang orangutan dan habitatnya.

Siapa pun kamu, bisa membantu perlindungan orangutan, satwa liar dan habitatnya dengan bergabung sebagai orangufriends. Apa saja yang bisa kamu bantu? Tentu saja sesuai dengan kemampuan dan keterampilan kamu. Ingin tahu lebih banyak tentang Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP)? Langsung datang ke Ruang Yustisia, lantai 2 University Club Hotel, UGM Yogyakarta ya. Rabu, 9 Agustus 2017 pukul 13.00 – 14.30 WIB. Ada merchandise COP juga yang layak untuk kamu koleksi. Save the Orangutan from Delete!

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