Tuesday, May 7 2019 COP had the opportunity to conduct a school visit program at the Binus Serpong school. The event was rescheduled to the next day because of the holiday fasting. The mini library hall was almost fully filled when the COP team arrived. They were teenagers from 11th grade who seemed eager to listen to information about orangutans. 

The one and half hour session ran smoothly with presentation and fruitful discussion. There are many questions from students, especially what they can do. They are interested in the adoption concept which allows them to be directly involved in saving orangutans. As a follow up to the session, the students created campaign posters to save orangutan.

After the session ended, Tristan and Gideon, representatives from the Student Council came to the COP team to elaborate ideas. Currently they are organizing a fundraising activity called HOPE, where they put empty bottles at various points in the school to be filled with donations. They have chosen 4 potential recipients of donations where the plan is one of them is COP. We also talk in more detail about what students can do to help. The discourse to conduct a field visit to Borneo COP also surfaced. “The live-in program in the Dayak village and the visit of the COP rehabilitation center is very possible, but we need to finalize the concept so as not to disturb the rehabilitation program itself, also other preparations should be done. At present the most immediate benefit is the adoption and donation program. There are orangutans like Owi, Happi and Popi who are in our adoption lists.”, Ebo, Education Specialist from COP, explained. “Owi, there is HOPE from Binus Serpong!” (EBO)



Selasa, 7 Mei 2019 COP berkesempatan melakukan program school visit di sekolah Binus Serpong. Jadwal acara sendiri diundur sehari karena liburan awal puasa. Aula mini perpustakaan sudah hampir terisi penuh saat tim COP datang. Mereka adalah 200an remaja-remaja dari kelas 11 yang tampak semangat untuk mendengarkan informasi terkait orangutan.

Presentasi sendiri berlangsung sangat cair, tidak terasa satu setengah jam berlalu dengan presentasi dan tanya jawab. Ada banyak pertanyaan dari siswa terutama apa yang bisa mereka lakukan. Mereka tertarik dengan konsep adopsi yang memungkinkan mereka bisa terlibat langsung dalam penyelamatan orangutan. 

Setelah sesi berakhir, Tristan dan Gideon, perwakilan dari OSIS mendatangi tim COP untuk bertukar pikiran. Mereka sendiri sedang mengorganisasi kegiatan yang dinamai HOPE, dimana mereka meletakkan botol-botol kosong di berbagai titik di sekolah untuk diisi donasi. Mereka telah memilih 4 calon penerima donasi di mana rencananya salah satunya adalah COP. Kita juga berbicara lebih mendetail kira-kira apa yang bisa siswa lakukan untuk membantu. Wacana untuk melakukan kunjungan lapangan ke COP Borneo juga mencuat. “Program live in di perkampungan Dayak dan kunjungan pusat rehabiltasi COP itu sangat dimungkinkan, namun kami perlu mematangkan konsepnya supaya tidak mengganggu program rehabilitasi itu sendiri serta persiapan-persiapan lainnya. Saat ini yang paling langsung terasa manfaatnya adalah progam adopsi dan donasi. Ada orangutan Owi yang sedang mencari orangtua asuh, juga Happi dan Popi.” Terang Ebo, Education Specialist dari COP. “Owi, ada harapan (hope) dari Binus Serpong!” (EBO)


COP school visits are usually held in the morning. But this time the schedule is 2 pm at Mentari school Cengkareng. Responding the invitation from the school, the COP team attended a sharing session on orangutan on Monday, April 29 2019.

Around 180 7-11 grade students gathered in the mini hall and all participants sat on the floor. They were very enthusiastic about the event. They were amazed by the facts presented, especially the threats faced by orangutans and other wildlife. The role of orangutans as a key species in maintaining the health and sustainability of forests also makes them believe that orangutans should  be in their natural habitat. As a gardener of the forest, they keep the ecosystem balanced. This session lasted 1 hour and a half which was filled with presentations and questions and answers.

After the event, Mr. Haris as the coordinator of the activities from the Mentari School spoke with the COP team that they wanted to hold a performance with an environmental theme, more specifically orangutan. “We now have a picture of where we want to donate,” said Pak Haris. Hopefully this collaboration continues, sir! (EBO)


School visit COP biasanya dilangsungkan di pagi hari. Namun kali ini jadwalnya jam 2 sore dengan tujuan sekolah Mentari Cengkareng. Menjawab undangan dari pihak sekolah, tim dari COP hadir mengisi sesi sharing tentang orangutan pada hari Senin, 29 April 2019.

Sekitar 180 siswa kelas 7-11 memenuhi ruangan dan semua peserta duduk di lantai. Mereka sangat antusias mengikuti acara. Mereka tampak tercengang dengan fakta-fakta yang disajikan, terutama ancaman yang dihadapi orangutan serta satwa liar lainnya. Peran orangutan sebagai species kunci dan menjaga kesehatan dan keberlangsungan hutan juga membuat mereka yakin bahwa orangutan memang seharusnya tetap ada di alamnya. Sebagai gardener of the forest, mereka menjaga ecosystem tetap seimbang. Sesi ini berlangsung 1 jam setengah yang diisi dengan presentasi dan tanya jawab.

Setelah acara berlangsung, Pak Haris sebagai coordinator kegiatan dari Sekolah Mentari berbicara dengan tim COP bahwa mereka ingin mengadakan pertunjukan yang bertemakan lingkungan, lebih spesifik lagi orangutan. “Kami sekarang sudah punya gambaran ke mana kalau mau donasi,” Kata Pak Haris. Semoga kerjasama ini berlanjut ya Pak! (EBO)



IUCN is deeply concerned about ongoing and new threats to the Critically Endangered Tapanuli orangutan in Sumatra, Indonesia. IUCN therefore calls for the development and adoption of a conservation management plan for the Tapanuli orangutan based on an independent, objective Population and Habitat Viability Assessment before any projects potentially impacting the species advance any further.

IUCN also calls for the establishment of connecting corridors between the three forest blocks to which the species is confined, by converting 8,077 hectares from the ‘Non-forest’ to the ‘Conservation Forest’ land use category. Until then, further development of projects with an impact on the habitat and viability of the Tapanuli orangutan should be put under a moratorium.

The Tapanuli orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis), described in 2017, is the first new great ape species to be discovered since the 1920s. Pongo tapanuliensis has evolved separately from other orangutan species for 670,000 years. Wholly confined to the Batang Toru Ecosystem, a mountainous tract of rainforest in the province of North Sumatra, it occupies an area of about 1,420 square kilometres. With an estimated population of fewer than 800, the Tapanuli orangutan is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM. It is the rarest great ape species in the world. The relatively small population size makes the species especially vulnerable to extinction, as any loss of habitat or disturbance could make the population too small to remain viable.

Although large parts of the ecosystem are classified as ‘Protection Forest’, some critical sections of the Tapanuli orangutan’s range are still open to development, including energy infrastructure, mining and logging. Little is known about the Tapanuli orangutan’s life cycle and in particular its resilience to disturbance, and it is imperative that any activity that could potentially lead to the degradation of its habitat and direct threats to the population is carefully assessed and all measures taken to avoid any impact. Where knowledge of potential impacts is insufficient, the precautionary approach requires that impacts are studied and fully understood before any developments are licensed.

IUCN wishes to highlight that, with political will, conservation of great ape species is not only possible but can act as a major boost to local economies and livelihoods. There are several parallels between the situation facing the Tapanuli orangutan and the mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) in Eastern Africa. Over two decades of proactive, community-based conservation has seen this sub-species of the Eastern Gorilla increase by at least 50%, and Rwanda alone is now generating USD 200 million annually from eco-tourism, a large proportion of which is built around gorilla trekking.

IUCN stands ready to support Indonesia’s government agencies and financial institutions committed to prevent the extinction of the Tapanuli orangutan.


This is not April Fools’ Day! This is the challenge to become Orangufriends. How can you talk in front of small children. Yes, how can you convey your knowledge about orangutans in an easy language for children under 6 years. OMG !!!

This morning, Yogyakarta Orangufriends was ready at the Kinderstation School which was founded by Cahaya Bangsa Utama Foundation, located in Maguwoharjo, Yogyakarta. Orangufriends has a myriad of ways to steal children’s attention, one of which is through games. Knowledge about orangutans is also inserted through the activities. Through screening films about wildlife, 90 Kiderstation students were invited to care more about wildlife.

“So … kids, Save the Orangutan from Delete! Yes…” (EBO)

Bukan April Mop! Ini dia tantangan jadi Orangufriends. Bagaimana kamu bisa berbicara di depan anak-anak kecil. Iya, bagaimana kamu bisa menyampaikan pengetahuanmu tentang orangutan dengan bahasa yang mudah untuk anak-anak di bawah 6 tahun. OMG!!!

Pagi ini, Orangufriends Yogyakarta sudah bersiap di Kinderstation School yang didirikan Yayasan Cahaya Bangsa Utama yang terletak di Maguwoharjo, Yogyakarta. Orangufriends punya segudang cara mencuri perhatian anak-anak, salah satunya lewat permainan. Selanjutnya pengetahuan tentang orangutan pun diselipkan. Melalui pemutaran film tentang satwa liar, 90 murid Kiderstation diajak untuk lebih peduli pada satwa liar.

“Jadi… anak-anak, Save the Orangutan from Delete! ya…”


Wednesday morning, March 20th 2019 Jakarta Orangufriends are already at Sophos School BSD, Serpong, Tangerang. The school visit was divided into two sessions, the first for grades 1 to 3, then continued for students from grades 4 to 6.

Orangutans are rare animals in Sumatra and Kalimantan. When trees are cut down, forests disappear, orangutans lose their homes and cannot find food anymore. Orangufriends invited students to prevent the extinction of orangutans. Besides orangutans, other wildlife must also be protected, including not to keep them as pets.

All students were very enthusiastic to listen to the explanations by the volunteers. Almost all children wanted to ask questions, they even come forward to ask. The discussion was exciting. Children shared their opinions on how to save wildlife, including not keeping protected wildlife and not visiting animal circuses.

During discussion, there was one very critical question from a student. “Do those who cut down the forest do not feel guilty for killing orangutans?” This question makes us more convinced that school visits are an important step for conservation because the future is in the hands of these young generations. Therefore, awareness of wildlife must continue to be shared with children so that they can love and look after nature from an early age. (EBO)

Rabu pagi, 20 Maret 2019 Orangufriends Jakarta sudah berada di Sophos School BSD, Serpong, Tanggerang. School visit kali ini dibagi menjadi dua, yang pertama untuk kelas 1 sampai 3 kemudian dilanjutkan siswa kelas 4 sampai 6.

Orangutan itu hewan langka yang ada di Sumatera dan Kalimantan. Saat pohon ditebang, hutan menghilang, orangutan kehilangan rumahnya dan tidak bisa mencari makanan lagi. Orangufriends mengajak untuk mencegah kepunahan orangutan. Selain orangutan, satwa liar lainnya juga harus dijaga, termasuk untuk tidak dipelihara.

Seluruh siswa sangat antusias mendengarkan penjelasan para relawan. Hampir semua anak ingin bertanya, bahkan berbondong-bondong maju ke depan agar bisa bertanya. Diskusi berlangsung dengan seru. Anak-anak saling berbagi pendapat mengenai cara menyelamatkan satwa liar, antara lain dengan tidak memelihara satwa liar yang dilindungi dan tidak berkunjung ke sirkus satwa.

Saat diskusi, ada satu pertanyaan yang sangat kritis dari seorang siswa. “Apakah mereka yang menebang hutan tidak merasa bersalah karena sudah membunuh orangutan?”. Pertanyaan tersebut membuat kami semakin yakin bahwa school visit merupakan langkah penting untuk konservasi karena masa depan berada di tangan para generasi muda ini. Oleh karena itu, penyadartahuan mengenai satwa liar harus terus dibagikan kepada anak-anak agar mereka bisa mencintai dan menjaga alam sejak usia dini. (IND)


This morning, Center for Orangutan Protection reported the case of orangutan that was injured with 74 rifle bullets to the Tipidter Bareskrim Police Directorate in Jakarta. “This is a serious crime, demanding the police immediately to thoroughly investigate the case and bring perpetrators before the law” said Hery Susanto, coordinator of the Anti Wildlife Crime COP.

The injured female orangutan was named Hope. Hope was forced to lose her child because of the very weak condition of the orangutan and malnutrition. While both of Hope’s eyes were blind due to air rifle bullets lodged in his eyes.

Based on Law Number 5 of 1990, Article 21 paragraph 2 point (a): “Every person is prohibited from arresting, injuring, killing, storing, possessing, maintaining, transporting and trading protected animals in a living condition.”. With this COP presents a criminal action report on the Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii) that occurred in Bunga Tanjung village, Sultan Daulat District, Subulussalam, Aceh.

Pagi ini, Centre for Orangutan Protection melaporkan orangutan dalam kondisi terluka dengan 74 peluru senapan angin ke Direktorat Tipidter Bareskrim Polri, Jakarta. “Ini adalah kejahatan serius, mohon pihak kepolisian segera mengusut tuntas pelaku penembakan orangutan tersebut.”, ujar Hery Susanto, kordinator Anti Wildlife Crime COP.

Orangutan betina yang terluka tersebut diberi nama Hope. Hope terpaksa kehilangan anaknya karena kondisi anak orangutan tersebut yang sangat lemah dan mal nutrisi. Sementara kedua mata Hope buta akibat peluru senapan angin yang bersarang di kedua matanya.

Berdasarkan Undang-Undang Nomor 5 Tahun 1990, pasal 21 ayat 2 poin (a): “Setiap orang dilarang untuk menangkap, melukai, membunuh, menyimpan, memiliki, memelihara, mengangkut dan memperniagakan satwa yang dilindungi dalam keadaan hidup.”. Dengan ini COP menyampaikan laporan tindak pidana pada Orangutan Sumatera (Pongo abelii) yang terjadi di desa Bunga Tanjung, Kecamatan Sultan Daulat, Subulussalam, Aceh.

COP juga menyampaikan siap untuk memberikan bantuan teknis dalam penyelidikan kasus ini.


The Center for Orangutan Protection again calls all Orangufriends wherever you are to stop “Tourism Hunting” in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra.

Again and again! Hunting events with air rifles aimed at squirrels and other pests (excluding protected animals) will be held at SMK 1 Aur Malintang in Padang Pariaman. The event which is organized by Pariaman Sniper Club in Nagari III Koto Aur Malintang Selatan sub-district IV Koto Aur Malintang offers door prizes in the form of LED TVs, Refrigerators, PCP Rifles and other attractive prizes. With only Rp. 20,000.00 registration fee per person, that includes lunch and 1 door prize coupon.
“COP refused and asked the shooting committee, South Malintang Nagari III Koto Aur, to cancel this event!”, Said Hery Susanto, coordinator of COP Anti Wildlife Crime.

Perbakin Pariaman city did not heed the Perbakin letter number 257 / SEKJEN / PB / III / 2018 for all Perbakin administrators that contain not to shoot animals with air rifles.
Pariaman Club Sniper also plans to violate Head of Police Regulation No. 8/2012 concerning Supervision and Control of Firearms for Sport Interest.

We request that the Director General of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry who has issued letter S.31 / PHLHK / PPH / GKM.2 / 3/2018 to enforce the rules of the National Police above.
Shooting animals with air rifles outside the shooting arena is against the law. (EBO)

Centre for Orangutan Protection kembali memanggil seluruh Orangufriends dimana pun kamu berada untuk membatalkan “Berburu Wisata” di Padang Pariaman, Sumatera Barat.

Lagi dan lagi! Acara berburu dengan senapan angin dengan sasaran tupai dan hama lainnya (tidak termasuk hewan yang dilindungi) akan dilaksanakan di SMKN 1 Aur Malintang Padang Pariaman. Acara yang diselenggarakan Club Sniper Pariaman di Nagari III Koto Aur Malintang Selatan kecamatan IV Koto Aur Malintang ini berhadiah doorprize berupa TV LED, Kulkas, Senapan PCP dan hadiah menarik lainnya. Hanya dengan Rp 20.000,00 per orang, itu juga sudah termasuk makan siang dan 1 kupon doorprize.

“COP menolak dan meminta panitia pelaksana tembak tupai wisata Nagari III Koto Aur Malintang Selatan untuk membatalkan acara ini!”, tegas Hery Susanto, kordinator Anti Wildlife Crime COP.

Perbakin kota Pariaman tidak mengindahkan surat edaran Perbakin nomer 257/SEKJEN/PB/III/2018 untuk seluruh Pengurus Perbakin yang berisi untuk tidak menembak satwa dengan senapan angin.

Club Sniper Pariaman juga berencana melanggar Peraturan Kapolri No 8/2012 tentang Pengawasan dan Pengendalian Senjata Api untuk Kepentingan Olahraga.

Kami memohon Dirjen Gakkum KLHK tidak lupa telah mengeluarkan surat S.31/PHLHK/PPH/GKM.2/3/2018 untuk menegakkan aturan Kapolri di atas.

Menembak satwa dengan senapan angin di luar arena menembak adalah melanggar aturan hukum.


Tahun 2019 adalah tahunnya Orangufriends Bandung berkolaborasi dengan organisasi lain yang sepemahaman. Tergabung dalam Riung Raung dengan tema “The eARTh Conservation” dengan acara diskusi dan screening yang diisi oleh Made Wedana, Pepep DW, Dadang Sudardja serta Nandya Andriani, sementara acara seni dan pameran diisi Selepas Hujan, Dede Pras, Rendy Jean Satria, Rizal, R. Lutfi Wiguna, Galih Mahara, Saut Prayuda, Arnis Muhammad, Fyan Fendi, Sworks (collaboration with) Sr Iboe Inggit Garnasih. 

Awal bulan tepatnya 2 Februari, bertempat di Mr. Guan Coffee & Books di Jl. Tampomas No. 22, Malabar, Lengkong, kota Bandung. Malam Minggu ngak perlu bingung mau kemana, acara gratis dari pukul 15.00-22.00 WIB ini mengajak kamu membawa botol minum mu sendiri untuk mengurangi plastik yang sudah menjadi masalah besar kita. O iya… ada para alumninya COP School loh… para agen perubahan dunia konservasi.


One female crescent serpent-eagle (accipiter trivirgatus) which was confiscated by the East Java POLDA, assisted by the Center for Orangutan Protection and Animals Indonesia in July 2015, in Surabaya finally returned to nature. The perpetrator was sentenced to 7 months in prison and fined Rp 2,500,000.00 on October 21, 2015. Since 2017, the crescent serpent-eagle was rehabilitated by the Yogyakarta Nature Conservation Foundation (YKAY).

Based on the observations of the daily behavior and physical health conditions by animal keepers and veterinarians the crescent-serpent eagle with a male goshawk (spilornis cheela), a confiscated hawk by Kalibarang police that has been rehabilitated since 2011 are considered ready for release. Both of them underwent habituation for approximately 15 days and were installed rings and wing markers to facilitate the post-release monitoring process.

Both crescent-serpent eagle and goshawk are species protected by Law No. 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Biological Resources and Ecosystems. “Both are high-level predators that maintain ecosystem balance. Don’t keep eagles for personal pleasure. It violates the law and destroys nature! “Said Daniek Hendarto, COP’s action manager. (EBO)

Satu Elang Alap Jambul (Accipiter trivirgatus) betina yang merupakaan sitaan POLDA Jawa Timur dibantu Centre for Orangutan Protection dan Animals Indonesia di bulan Juli 2015 kota Surabaya akhirnya kembali ke alam. Pelaku dijatuhi vonis 7 bulan penjara dan denda Rp 2.500.000,00 pada 21 Oktober 2015. Sejak tahun 2017, Elang Alap Jambul ini direhabilitasi Yayasan Konservasi Alam Yogyakarta (YKAY).

Berdasarkan hasil pengamatan prilaku harian animal keeper dan dokter hewan disertai kondisi kesehatan fisik, Elang Alap Jambul bersama Elang Ular Bido (Spilornis cheela) jantan sitaan Polsek Kalibarang yang direhabilitasi sejak tahun 2011 dianggap siap untuk dilepasliarkan. Keduanya pun menjalani habituasi selama kurang lebih 15 hari dan pemasangan cincin serta wing marker untuk mempermudah proses monitoring paska pelepasliaran.

Elang Ular Bido dan Alap-alap Jambul merupakan spesies dilindungi oleh Undang-Undang No. 5 tahun 1990 tentang Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam Hayati dan Ekosistemnya. “Keduanya merupakan predator tingkat tinggi yang menjaga keseimbangan ekosistem. Jangan pelihara Elang untuk gagah-gagahan, atau sekedar kesenangan pribadi. Itu melanggar hukum dan merusak alam!”, tegas Daniek Hendarto, manajer aksi COP. (PETz)


COP works everywhere orangutans are, both in natural habitats and those in captivities, including zoos. We assist the captive wildlife managements to improve the welfare of their orangutans, If it is technically not possible, we recommend closure and evacuation of the orangutans to a better facility. In 2011, the goverment execited COP’s recommendation to close down Rominsy Zoo in Central Java and evacuated 2 orangutans to the Wildlife Rescue Center in Yogyakarta. Those orangutans are Joko and Ucokwati. This couple had a baby named Mungil in 2013.

Will they be forever inside the cage? Help COP to send Mungil to the wild, also send Joko-Ucokwati to the sanctuary island of COP Borneo. Let’s make a happy ending story.

COP bekerja dimana pun orangutan berada, baik di habitat alami maupun yang berada dalam pemeliharaan, termasuk kebun binatang. Kami membantu manajemen untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan orangutannya. Jika secara teknis memungkinkan, kami merekomendasikan penutupan dan evakuasi orangutannya ke fasilitas yang lebih baik. Pada tahun 2011, pemerintah mendengarkan rekomendasi COP untuk menutup kebun binatang Rominsy di Jawa Tengah dan mengevakuasi orangutannya ke Pusat Penyelamatan Satwa Yogya. Mereka adalah Joko dan Ucokwati. Pasangan ini akhirnya melahirkan 1 anak bernama Mungil pada tahun 2013.

Apakah mereka selamanya berada di kandang? Bantu COP untuk mengirim si Mungil ke alam bebas dan Joko-Ucokwati ke pulau sanctuary COP Borneo.

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