This is how orangutan lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day! All of us in major cities across Indonesia today were giving away Bananas with slogan “Banana Not Bullet” to people on the street. It’s a peaceful campaign against the brutal killings of the Orangutans which has been increasing lately. (The latest one was an Orangutan which was shot 130 times with the same amount of bullets found lodged inside his body during the autopsy and the vets can’t take all of them out before they had to bury him, I can’t imagine the pain and the agony that he must have endured before he died) We want to give people awareness and to teach them to care a little more about our closest relative; the Orangutans. So our message as for today is “Shoot Bananas not Bullets, people!” And happy Valentine’s everybody! (Inggrid_Orangufriends)



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