When happi spends his time at the socialization enclosure, the animal keepers are making enrichment for him. These enrichment are to help the orangutans shows their natural instinct. Not only for making them busy, but also to avoid boredom and feeling stressed out being in a cage. Therefore, these bamboos-and-leaves-made enrichment are created for them.

Several kinds of Happi’s favorite fruits are inserted inside the bamboo cane. Guavas, papayas, bananas, and corns are diced, then put into the bamboo cane with a hole on the top of it, then sealed with leaves. And the keepers also add some honey to stimulates their sense of smell and taste bud so they are more excited when opening the bamboo cane.

In the end, Happi needed a quite long time opening the cane. He even asked for our help opening this bamboo enrichment. Perhaps he begins to feel desperate. Happi is in the same enclosure with Owi, Bonti and Pingpong, and they are started to work together. They take turns to smash the bamboo cane, working through the hole, extended their finger and mouth to reach the fruits inside until they finally get the prize.

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